December 31, 2012

2012 In Review.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this past year, there were plenty more I wanted to put but didn't and there more plenty I didn't want to put at all.... yikes (what was I thinking) It's funny because I don't say too much on the blog, however when I look back at these pictures it takes me back to what was going on in that point in my life and since I am really the worst at keeping a journal I'm grateful for these pictures and the memories they provide. 

Thanks for following along and sticking with me through the break! Hope you all have a fantastic New Years Eve I'll See you in 2013!

December 4, 2012


Leggings/Sweater: F21, Shirt: Bohme (utah) Boots: Target. 

 Hello! It's been so long, how have you been? Sorry for my random extremely long absence from the blog, life has been a little crazy. Let me just update you a minute. We're moving!! Out of Rexburg! But don't hold your breath we might decide to move back like last year. I'm kidding let's pray that does not happen, actually I'm 100% sure that is not going to happen. 

We will be moving to the Salt Lake area at the end of this week, David started a new job last month and has been working there and then from home. So he has been all over the place this last month and we are excited to finally be settled in just one place.

So with all the fun and stress that comes with moving and the end of the semester rush I've decided to take a little break from blogging. Not that I've already been doing that, but now that it's official I don't have to feel guilty for everyday I don't post. I want to take this time to just enjoy the holidays and focus on what matters most. I have to be honest and say that this past little break from the internet has been nice, but at the same time I do miss it, so after the new year I will be back in full force! 

I hope you have a lovely holiday, and I will see you after the new year! 

P.S. I will still be on twitter on instagram.