December 28, 2011

A Merry Christmas

 All the Palmer's gathered in Seattle this year for Christmas (except Brittany and her cute family, missed you guys!) and it was a crazy fun filled weekend to say the least. We ate, played, sang, and danced to our hearts content and it was magical. Even though I was missing my family very much it's been a long time since I've been home for Christmas it feel's like it's become more of a tradition to not be there then to be there, I had so much fun with David's family. His brother's are hilarious and it's always bound to be a good time.

Even though there were 4 very young kid's in the house we didn't start Christmas until 8 magical for me and Dave since we were the one's sleeping in the living room. We gave each other a few meaningful gift's Santa brought us all new furniture for our apartment a few days early. The second to last picture of David is to die for. He had wanted some cologne for awhile and he was totally surprised to get it.

December 23, 2011

Fancy Friday

Top/Necklace:F21. Bag: H&M. Shoes: J.Crew. Pants: Nordstrom. 

Hope everyone has a Happy Fanciful Christmas! We will be spending part of our Christmas weekend moving into our new apartment Merry Christmas to us! Can't wait to show you guys pictures.


December 21, 2011

Apartment Hunting

Shirt/Belt/Shoes/Bag: H&M. Pants: American Eagle. Necklaces: F21/Downeast.

I wore this apartmenet hunting yesterday and I really stood out. I guesss it's not really your typical winter christmas outfit. But it's so much warmer here than Rexburg I felt like I could dress like it's Summer time. As much fun as it was to pretend like it was Summer I was pretty frozen by the end of the day. We found an apartment we want so bad and will be applying for it today. Wish us luck that will think we are good enough to get it. Hope you have a Fancy Day!

December 20, 2011

I Love......

Moving! No not really I actually disliked it a lot! But since we did get rid of a lot of stuff it is nice to know that there won't be much too move into our new apartment. And speaking of new apartment's we found the most perfect place to live right in the middle of pike place. It has a gym, new appliances, wash and dryer in the building. You guy's it is Heavenly! I can just picture myself walking to pike place every morning and picking out a most delicious breakfast and eating it on my roof top deck. However we are just waiting for David's interview tomorrow to show we have jobs to prove we can pay. I really really really hope we get it.

December 19, 2011

New York I Love You

As most everyone knows my life long dream is to live in NYC. I dream of it often if not always. I feel most do not understand the intense desire I have to live there, I suppose those who live there would understand the draw I have to live in that o so fabulous place. Ever since I was young I have been attracted to the city and set a goal to live there someday. I've waited a very long time for this and in a matter of day's I had a one way plane ticket that would be taking me there to stay forever. However sometimes what we have planned for ourselves is not what our Heavenly Father has planned for us.

I don't tend to talk much about my religion on here and try not to get too mushy with you guys but in this case I feel I have no other way to explain this. I believe my Heavenly Father or God has a set plan for me while I am here on this earth,  I believe that every path I have chosen to take in my life has been directed from him, I know that if I have faith and I continue on the path he wants for me thats when I will be the most happy. I have learned through trial, error, heartache, and joy that I am in deed the most happy when I choose to follow his plan instead of mine own desires. So with that being said I am sad to announce we will not be going to New York on the 20th like planned, because we feel like New York is not the place for us right now. Almost 3 months ago we felt like New York was not the place for us and set out to discover what would be the correct place to move. It's been a really long and sad past 3 months. However I have put all my faith in my Father in Heaven and knowing that he only want's the best for me have waited patiently for an answer. Only recently have we decided that Seattle is the place we should move, which is so so ironic because I swore I would never live there. It is so unbelievable hard to think that a dream I have wanted for so long will have to be put on hold even longer if not forever. It break's my heart. I know there are bigger trials that people face to be sad about. There are even bigger trials that I am facing right now but like I said this dream has been my focus, and my motivation so right now it feel's like a really big trial in my life. But I have had time to come to terms with the whole thing and even get excited about it. I kept telling Coco (yes I talk to my cat) that I was going to let her eat a real Seattle fish. She was most excited let me tell ya.

So last week we packed up our very compact car with everything we owned (I gave a lot to DI, if your in Rexburg you should go check it out there should be some really awesome stuff ther right now just saying) and drove out to Seattle. We got here Saturday and I already had an interview today, Heavenly Father is awesome like that, and David has an interview on Wednesday, and we are currently on the hunt for a cat friendly apartment. So far so good. I know everything will work out in it's own time and that Seattle is the right place to be right now hopefully New York will be in the future soon but for now I will wait. Pictures to come of our crazy move out here.

December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

We actually decorated our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Woops!and since I will be taking it down today to prepare to move I thought I would show it's glory. If you've been following this blog for awhile you will see it looks... The Same yay! We've had this tree since our first Christmas but don't have the room to take it on the move which is ok because I kind of wanted to get a real tree next year.
Side note I did not pose my cat in front of the tree I promise she was just sitting there like that.
Look at all that fluff O My!
Merry Christmas!

December 13, 2011

i love....

1. White Christmas, it's my all time favorite Christmas movie.
2. Veggie Enchiladas. I need to post the recipe soon. 
3. Of course I love Coco especially when she packs herself up.
4. The coconut lime cupcake from the cocoa bean. Its the best one. 
5. David's more than amazing BFA show. Hes so talented! More to come soon.
6. My kitty lunchbox. Couldn't have asked for a better graduation present.
7. Seeing our friend's band The War Elephant. 
8. Gingerbread skyscrapers. 
9. One last hangout with friends before we all move.

December 12, 2011

Winter Florage

Dress: Target. Cardigan: Free People via T.J. Maxx. Necklace/Bracelets: F21. Boots: Old Navy. Tights: Urban.

The other day I had a friend ask me if I had sponsor's giving me clothe's to wear on my blog she and her friend were wondering because it seemed like I had a ton of clothes. I was so flattered because I don't have any sponsors sending me clothes and  I've worn these boot's in almost every picture this past fall. And I've definitely worn some items twice in different combination's.  It made me happy though because what I've been trying to show is working. That you don't need a ton of money or clothes to be fashionable. I do hope that after we start working I will be able to buy more because a lot of stuff I've had for a very long time and would like more than one pair of boots. 

We spent most of the weekend packing up the house.  I'm so glad we've started early because it can be really overwhelming deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  The living room has become a large storage unit of thing's to move and thing's to sale/give to DI. It's so weird to see everything coming off the walls, we've been here for 2 & 1/2 years it will be sad to say goodbye.

December 9, 2011

Fancy Friday

Top: Target. Sweater: Lucky. Pants/Jewelry: F21. Shoes: Gap. Belt: H&M

The days have been jumbled together since graduating and I didn't even realize that today would have been a Fancy Friday post until uploading these pictures. Josh who usually takes Fancy Friday pictures has been extremely busy as well and we haven't gotten together to do a shoot in awhile. So here's a not so fancy Fancy Friday. These were taken a couple week's ago, but Rexburg hasn't changed much we are still snow free. I can't believe it, and will have probably jinked all of us rexburgians because of writing that.

I've been waiting to graduate to start packing up the apartment so I would actually have time to do it. I love/hate moving. It's so nice to go through all of your stuff and get rid of old thing's you don't need. But then it suck's when you want to keep too much and it won't fit in the car. I love  moving into a new apartment and getting to decorate all over again. And having that fresh clean feeling. We've lived in the apartment we are in now for two and half years and sometimes it starts to feel old. So wish me luck on de-junking and packing! Hope you have a Fancy weekend.

December 8, 2011

A Future Professional No More

I am an official graduate of the Hair Academy. I can't believe my time there is done it went by way too quickly. I have loved every single minute of my schooling and secretly wish it wasn't over. To say that I have loved hair school would be an understatement, it was the best decision I could  have at that point in my life, I truely found myself  at school and have grown so much. I've met some of the greatest people in the world and made some of my best friends. I will miss it so much but can't wait to see what the future hold's for me.  The hair industry is the greatest place to be I couldn't have asked for a better career, I'm so grateful for all the time I spent at Paul Mitchell and all the experiences and knowledge I am walking away with. 

And now for a long strew of picture's completely unorganized and un-tailolred to look blog beautiful. I apologize now for the ugliness and the caption's under the pictures. However I didn't post a lot about school on the blog, mostly just uploaded a bunch of picture's to facebook and  I want my family to able to see a little bit of what I have done in school since they never got the chance to come to Rexburg. So bear with me.

 Class picture on my first day of school.
Me on the first day of school. 
Me and my friend Kaitlyn shortly out of core. 
Organic facial class. 
Me and CH. (when we really become friends)
Good friend Stacie before she left for the summer. 
Face paintings and crazy up-do's for a carnival. 
Me, Emma, and CH on Courtney Palmer theme day. More like Courtney Palmer theme minute.
Dustin with his good friend Dolly. 
Me and the other Courtney playing on a bouncy thing at a Design Team event. 
Talmage (phase two Learning Leader) and Dustin with a bun. 
Free Hugs day.
The Dream team at another Design team event. 

We usually dressed alike. Another design team event. 
At yet another Design team event doing hair for Junior Miss. 
You guessed it Design Team doing hair for a carnival in Porter Park in Rexburg.  They were out of volunteer shirt's so I stand out really well. I must have done 50 different up-do's that day it was crazy!
Eating really late after a Design Team event. Obviously I loved Design Team. 
The group of us who went to Beacon in Vegas this past July. 
Coloring Stacie's hair. 
Nail class with CH.
Pedicures in core. I got over my foot phobia pretty quick after this. 
Phase Two skit. We did a dance for our learning leader who had just recently come back from a training, and made paper beard's to look like mini Tal's. 
Phase two training. 
Having fun at Design Team. 
Attempting a bun on Dustin. 
Design team volunteered to help out at a youth triathalon. 
Best friends. Love these guys!

I've had so much fun this past year I'm so sad to see this time in my life go. But I guess that's how life is, now on to the next big adventure.