January 31, 2012

How to wear your Husbands Shirt Part 2.

Shirt: Gap (hubs), Cardigan: American Eagle, Pants/Bracelets: F21, Shoes; Steve Madden, Necklace: Downeast. Belt: H&M.

Yesterday the Hubs asked me to pick out an outfit for him, this rarely happens so I was quite honored. I pulled out the shirt shown above and a lighter blue sweater and proclaimed 

"This would be really cute on a girl!"
Uhhhh.... I mean this would look great.
So this morning when picking and choosing what to wear I made it easy on myself and made his kind of girly outfit work for me. Lucky for me this shirt is a little bit smaller than his other shirts so all I had to do was put a cardigan over top to hide those baggy sleeves, and boom a sassy little outfit. 

I really wanted to call this post plaid princess, because I always feel like a barbi princess when I wear this lipstick.


January 30, 2012

Call us Crazy...

Skirt: Thrifted, Shirt: American Eagle, Sweater: Anthropologie, Shoes: Urban, Belt: H&M, Necklace: F21.

But we moved back to the burg.

Rexburg that is

Are you confused? So are we, it's ok.

To save you all the long and boring details I will just tell you this. David got a really amazing job offer that we could not pass up, yes an amazing job in Rexburg Plus I've always wanted to go back to school to get my degree. When I started at Paul Mitchel I didn't know if or when this would be possible, but now I can go back, and you have no idea how happy this makes me.

January 27, 2012

1 Dress. 5 Outfits. (fancy friday)

Top(dress)/Belt: H&M, Skirt: K-Mart, Shoes/Glasses: Urban, Necklace: Downeast.

Day Five

The big finally to the infamous dress. This look tied for my favorite with day two, this one is definitaly more "me" but day two is so comfortable and you know how I am about my comfort. I would love to know which day was your favorite or any ideas as to how you would have styled the dress. Maybe I will try out a suggestion in a regular weekly outfit post, if you've got something awesome for me to try.

Let's talk about these glasses. I've always wanted to wear glasses but felt like they never complimented my face shape. David bought these in the summer and I've been dying to try them out, but never got around to it. Mostly out of fear I would look silly, and a good friend of mine (cough rat king cough cough) owned the same pair and wore them religiously and I tried to avoid being a twin whenever possible. So really its the friends fault not mine. Hope you have a Fabulously Fancy weekend. Thanks for all the support during my adventure this week it was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

January 26, 2012

1 Dress. 5 Outfits.

Top(dress): H&M, Pants: F21, Shoes: J.Crew, Belt/Necklace: Downeast, Cardigan: American Eagle.

Day Four
This combo was a little less comfortable, the dress was really long and kind of thick making it difficult to tuck in. The cardigan covered the back so it wasn't too bad but I don't know if I would wear it again. Good thing I never wear the same outfit twice.... ya right, I wish. I actually am horrible at wearing the same thing twice. Once I find an outfit I love I want to wear it over and over again, its really pathetic. I just love to be comfortable and if I put together something that is comfortable and cute I am all over that again, and again.

January 25, 2012

1 Dress. 5 Outfits.

Top(dress)/Skirt: H&M, Leggings: J.Crew, Boots: Old Navy, Cardigan: Mila (rexburg) Necklace: Nordstrom.

 Day Three

But wait there is no dress in this picture?! That's because I made it into a shirt, you didn't even realize I've worn the same thing for the 3 days in a row! That's how awesome this adventure of 1 dress is, people don't even know you're doing it. Unless you have a blog or you start to smell then everyone knows or thinks your don't shower.

January 24, 2012

1 Dress. 5 Outfits.

Dress/Belt:H&M, Shirt: Gap, Tights: Urban, Boots: Target, Bracelets: F21.

Day Two. 

 I transformed my dress into a skirt by simply putting on one of my favorite shirts over top and adding a belt. Easy enough right, plus it added some extra warmth for the winter. This shirt alone has been re-mixed on the blog a few different times here, here, and here.  Obviously it's a huge favorite of mine because of it's versatility and it's so comfy with leggings. 

January 23, 2012

1 Dress. 5 Outfits.

I had the most scathingly brilliant idea  for a new blog feature last week! I was trying to think of new outfits for the blog and then my brilliant idea came to me. I thought wouldn't it be crazy if I wore the same thing all week? Took one clothing item and re-mixed it to make it wearable for 5 days straight? ahhhh the heavens were singing my cleverness.

So the hunt began for the perfect item that I could re-mix 5 times!! I decided to go with something black to make it easier on myself, I didn't want to fail so early in the game. I ended up choosing a black dress I bought for beauty school and usually only wore it to school. It was very cheap, something around $12 or $15, which plays in nicely to my brilliant idea, go buy something cheap and re-mix 'til you can't re-mix no more.

Dress/Belt: H&M, Boots: Old Navy, Necklace: F21.

For Day 1 I chose to style the dress just how I use to for school. I wanted to show how you would style if you had bought it with the only intention of wearing it as a dress. Which is what I did for months little did I know that there was so much more this dress could do.

January 19, 2012

Lipstick Review

Wow I haven't done a lipstick review in a long time. If you've never sen them before you can check out the other ones I did here, here, and here.   

Here I'm wearing REVLONs Just Bitten lip stain in Flame. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $8. If your not familiar with lip stains they do exactly what they say staining your lips for long lasting color.  This is the first and only lip stain I've ever tried and I'm very pleased with it. 

It doesn't come off when I kiss the hubs or eat with a fork. But if I'm eating something like a sandwhich or taco it rubs off a little. Another plus I don't have to worry about it rubbing off on my teeth. It has two ends one is the actual lip color the other is a balm. You put the lip color on first and it looks a little dull until you put the lip balm on giving your lips a shiny finish. 

For me I have to put on quite a few coats of the color before it's really noticeable I don't know if my tube is defected or if this is just how the product works. I really want to try another brand of lip stain to see how they compare if you use lip stain I would love to know what brand and what you think. 

January 18, 2012

Snowmen and White Coats

We hiked through the winter wonderland to get to the Radiologist this morning. He basically said everything we figured he would say and cleared up some questions. He said that David would have to to three weeks of radiation to get rid of any cancer that still might be lingering behind. During radiation you go everyday for 15min, it's a breeze in comparison to the 4hr chemo, just more inconvenient. The radiologist said the only side affects might be are a sore throat and feeling more tired than usual. I'll take that over him being nauseous, achy, and throwing up. Just to name a few.
So good news all in all nothing we weren't already expecting. We were pretty much soaked after walking to and from the doctor so went home and relaxed, then braved the snow again to go see the new Sherlock Holmes. I think I like it much better than the first, then celebrated again with Cheesecake Factory. The city was still rather busy with all the snow fall, something I am use to spending so much time in Idaho but David said this never happens and a lot of places were closed. The snow is not something I miss it's pretty when it fall's but then its so messy afterwards.

On boots, pinterest, and other things.

Dress: Gift. Jacket: F21. Boots: Target. Earrings: Texas. 

These boots! Ugh! I'm not sure how I feel about them. The thing is when you only have two pairs of boots and you only like one you get really tired of that one pair. But then you try to wear the other pair and you feel stupid in them like an elf even. While shooting I usually take a gander at the pictures to make sure they are ok and I saw that top picture and said bla crop out my legs, those boots are awful. 

But then I had a thought. 

One of my favorite bloggers made a new years resolution to read less blogs and I thought why O why would you do that. I LOVE blogs! Then I realized it's because sometimes they can make you feel really bad about yourself and your clothes, your house, and even your own blog. It's exhausting. So I chose to leave in the crazy boot picture. Maybe someone will like it or maybe no one will. But this is what I wore the other day so therefore I will post it weather it is blog worthy or not. 

Which brings me to my thoughts about pinterest I can't decide if I like it or hate it. Because it really makes me hate myself and that is no fun. Pinterest is a horrible site for Women we are just throwing a bunch of things  none of us have actually done into each others faces. It is good for cataloging decorating ideas though so maybe its not so evil. Like I said, can't decide.

It snowed a lot last night, a good couple of inches and it still continues to snow. So now we have to walk up to the radiologist in all that snow. I would gladly take the rain instead.

January 17, 2012

David is Cancer FREE!

Back in August David was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's Lymphoma a cancer affecting your lymphnoids. He started chemotherapy at the beginning of September and finished his last treatment on December 16th. He had a P.E.T. scan here in Seattle this past Friday and we met with the doctor today to get the results. Obviously they were good. I started a blog to keep a record of everything that was happening and to keep the family updated but did a horrible job of actually updating. I wrote about the doctors visit today on that blog and have just copied it to here because I didn't feel like writing it again. 

We didn't find out the results until today, talk about torcher. Even though we had heard a hundred times the cancer was 98% or 99% curable there's still that chance that keeps you worried that it wouldn't be gone.
We went into the doctor today at 10:30 and they made us wait until almost 11 before they came to get us. Then the nurse came in and talked to us, I'm not sure why? But shes a nice lady and is fun to talk to but I mean when you are waiting for results like this I could care less about niceness and chattyness. Finally the doctor came in. We were both on our phones, I think to help distract from the painstakingly long wait we were enduring. 

He kept rambling on about some lymph node in his upper neck that was still there, I couldn't decide if he was telling us good news or bad. It almost seemed like he was reading the report for the first time! He rambled on some more about the P.E.T. scan he got back in November and how it was pretty clear. Ok good news keep going. I'm not sure what David was thinking through all of this but I'm pretty sure he wanted to scream. 

Finally, Finally the words "Your cancer is in remission" came out of his mouth and we both sighed with relief. I'm not sure what else the doctor said I was just so happy to hear my husband was healthy. HEALTHY! No more doctors or their nurses, no more needles, blood, gloves, or sleepless nights.

I can have my husband back!

 We sighed with relief but it wasn't until we were in the lobby that I cried for joy. It has been such an emotional five months, at one point I thought for sure he was going to die. Long story tell you later. However long and emotional for me it's been even longer for David, but he has been so strong and even stronger for me. He worked and went to school through the entire thing. I am one lucky wife. I'm so grateful that it can only go up from here, he can only get stronger and healthier.

Unfortunately he still has to do radiation, we will meet with the radiologist tomorrow. But from what the doctors and nurses have been telling us radiation is a breeze in comparison to chemotherapy. More news on that tomorrow. 

We celebrated with lunch at Tubs Subs he chose Tubs over a burger. That's how much he loves it. We are making dinner tonight and then going out for dessert and a movie. It has been a very happy day over at our house and much deserved.
Here are a few pictures from the surgery and Chemotherapy.

We are so grateful for all the support and love from our family and friends through this whole thing. From baskets of healthy goodies, rides to and from chemo, helping us move, love notes, checking up on us, and simply just loving us thank you! It means more than you will ever know!

January 16, 2012

Leavenworth (christmas town)

David and I decided that if we were ever in Leavenworth with our children and they asked if Santa lived there we would say Yes! and then snicker and giggle at how deeply they would have believed our little lie. But honestly and truly I just might believe it myself because in Leavenworth it's Christmas all year round and why would a city be Christmas all year if Santa didn't live there? There's no other explanation and therefore it must be true. 

We spent the weekend in Chelan with David's parents at David's grandfathers condo. To celebrate David's dads birthday. Confusing? Sorry if you only knew my extended families names this would be much easier. Anyway while in Chelan we stopped by Leavenworth and it snowed so it was magical.

January 12, 2012

Coco the Cat Randomness.

I woke up at sometime in the middle of the night because David was jabbing me in the back with his elbow however when I turned over it was not David's elbow but in fact Coco the cat. Geeeez she is so spoiled rotten I didn't even move her to make myself more comfortable but just moved myself so I did not disturb her. 

I took this pictures of her the other day when she was obsessing over some light reflecting on the wall. Long story short she thinks any kind of reflected light is this laster pointer we bought a few months back to use as a toy for her. Don't ever buy your cat a laser pointer, it was a really bad idea.

Look at those eyes folks emerald green gorgeous, Coco is always in fashion being all black. She does need a good grooming though. Did you know it cost's over $100 to get a cat groomed because they have to put them to sleep. I try to brush her but she allows it for no more than 5 minutes before she freaks out and hides under the furniture. And that is that.

Some things you should know about Coco.

- She CANNOT exit her litter box without bringing a ton of litter with her.
-She thinks the fridge is her home even after this incident.
-Nothing is off limits to her royal Coconess.
-She is mini shredder. One time she shredded a $5 bill I left on the counter.
-She likes to have her belly rubbed like a dog.

And that is that.

January 10, 2012

I Love Via Instagram

Don't judge but I had no idea what Instagram was capable of until a good friend showed me. It's like a mini Facebook for pictures minus all those annoying things we hate about Facebook like status updates. So now that I know how awesome it is I've been getting my Instagram on like crazy, I love it. If you have Instagram you can follow me here.

On to I Love
 (i will spare you and not go through every photo.)

1. All the awesome food I've been eating like Chipotle. 
2. The funny way Coco likes to snuggle with me. 
3. The beautiful city in which I live. 
4. A huge library from which I can choose any book I like.

January 9, 2012

Art Ordinance

Skirt/Tights: Urban, Top: Target, Boots: Old Navy, Necklace: F21. Earrings: Farmers Market.

Seattle is a city filled with art, you can't go anywhere without running into art installations. Seattle was the first city to pass a percent-for-art ordinance in 1973. Simply put the government put's aside a certain amount of money to purchase art work to put around the city. Some are permanent like the one behind me and some are portable.

Personally I think it's really awesome that a city would care that much about it's general public and it's artist's to go above and beyond to make the city better. Plus it's so much fun when driving or walking around to run into art totally random. Down where we live it's everywhere you see it all the time, but someitmes its a little more scattered.  Like yesterday I didn't see anything for awhile and then bam there is a huge turtle attached to a lamp post. At least I thought it was a turtle it could have been something else. You can read more about the art ordinance here if you would like.

January 8, 2012

As of Late

(a few photos from our walks around the city.)

We've really been enjoying the extra free time we've been given, being in school and working our whole married life, free time is not something we are use to. Lately we've had the chance to sleep in a little too late while slowly getting ourselves up and moving. But once we are out, we are out. We spend the whole day exploring new part's of the city, going to a lot of the free things it has to offer, trying new restaurants, and enjoying the simple pleasure of reading a book. For fun! I know it can get real crazy over here watch out. Parking downtown is crazy expensive so we've left our car at the Palmers until we figure out an alternate solution. So we walk or take the bus everywhere which isn't a problem  downtown it's just when we want to leave downtown. We usually have to walk a couple miles from the bus stop to get to our destination. We don't mind at all though, it's a nice change from our short walks in Rexburg.

Right now David is doing Freelance work and I've applied at a few salon's. So hopefully things will work out soon for us in that department. Our apartment is pretty much put together its a small studio so it wasn't much work. We got a new mattress and it's heavenly. We originally wanted a King for the extra sleeping space but with the apartment being so small we couldn't fit it.  However this mattress is so comfortable it feel's like I've got all that extra sleeping space. 

We love the new city but its hard getting used to something new. We don't know where anything is and we are always having to look at our phones, even at the grocery store I feel lost. Its especially hard without any friends close by, I miss seeing a familiar face every now and then. Moving in general is just kind of hard, it doesn't feel like home yet but I know that will change with time. For now I am just grateful for all the extra time I get to spend with David.

January 6, 2012

Fancy Friday

Skirt: Thrifted, Heels/Belt: H&M, Necklace/Shirt: F21. 

No official plans for the weekend yet.  Maybe just some unofficial snuggling with a good book watching the rain fall. Wishing everyone a Fancy Weekend.

January 5, 2012


Skirt:H&M, Shirt: Urban, Shoes: J.Crew. Necklace: F21

We woke up this morning to the beautiful Seattle sun shinning into our bedroom window. And when I say bedroom I mean entire Apartment there is no separation in this tiny studio we call home. I fully intended on wearing this during our daily outings in the city today, however sunshine does not always come with warmth unfortunately. Something I have had a hard time grasping, to me Sun equals warm happy days not freezing wind blown days.

We wandered around the city again today. Ate our lunch in a little nook inside of Pike Place Market while watching the ferry's come and go. We took a self guided tour of the seven stories Macy's, and wandered around the rack. We now sit using the free internet provided by the first ever o so charming Starbucks.