January 23, 2012

1 Dress. 5 Outfits.

I had the most scathingly brilliant idea  for a new blog feature last week! I was trying to think of new outfits for the blog and then my brilliant idea came to me. I thought wouldn't it be crazy if I wore the same thing all week? Took one clothing item and re-mixed it to make it wearable for 5 days straight? ahhhh the heavens were singing my cleverness.

So the hunt began for the perfect item that I could re-mix 5 times!! I decided to go with something black to make it easier on myself, I didn't want to fail so early in the game. I ended up choosing a black dress I bought for beauty school and usually only wore it to school. It was very cheap, something around $12 or $15, which plays in nicely to my brilliant idea, go buy something cheap and re-mix 'til you can't re-mix no more.

Dress/Belt: H&M, Boots: Old Navy, Necklace: F21.

For Day 1 I chose to style the dress just how I use to for school. I wanted to show how you would style if you had bought it with the only intention of wearing it as a dress. Which is what I did for months little did I know that there was so much more this dress could do.


  1. love the blog. love the hair. love the outfit. you are perfect!
    xo TJ

  2. Such a cute outfit, I adore your boots! Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it xo


  3. Good idea! I am excited to see what you do. And you look adorable as always!