June 5, 2015

Building A Capsule// A Tangent

I know way back like 7 weeks ago I pledged to do a capsule wardrobe this summer and walk you through each step of my process and now its been weeks and nothing has happened. But if we are taking the walking you through my process part very seriously I have lived up to it. I literally have sat on the capsule since the last post because my mind has gone off in crazy directions about this whole project and taking it all way too seriously as I tend to do way too often.

I was struggling with what I really wanted this capsule to be, and the made up pressure of it needing to look perfect because how dare I put anything on the internet that is NOT perfect. (stupid internet)

After weeks of feeling conflicted about that issue I moved onto feeling conflicted about the wardrobe vs. the capsule. When I started this project two years ago my intentions were to basically build a uniform and then I ran into the idea of a capsule and it all sounded awesome and I wanted to join in. But I was trying to fit into the rules of the capsule too much instead of tailoring it to my needs. 

Ughh where I am going with this...

So Mrs. Natalie Jean of Hey Natalie Jean did a whole post about this and it all just came full circle for me and she put all the thoughts in my head straight and her whole theory about a wardrobe vs. capsule is spot on to what I was thinking but I just couldn't figure it out for myself. I think too literally and can't see the bigger or better pictures sometimes and Natalie opened my eyes. Say what you want about her internet but she is a damn good thinker and writer and her words speak to my soul sometimes.

So she breaks it down and I will summarize here, she says that with a capsule you're trying to get the most use out of a certain number of pieces which sort of results in one of everything. With a wardrobe or what she calls a uniform you basically look the same every day but you switch it up with a slightly different white v neck or same shoe but in a different color.

and she freaking hits the nail on the head you guys!! A uniform is where it is at!!! This is what I have been going for and I've had the hardest time figuring it out because I let my head get filled with all the cool ideas the world wide web has to offer and I get consumed with doing something someone else has done. Am I the only one who does this? Is this making sense?


So here is the plan Sam, I am going to do a capsule but it's not going to look like most capsules in fact my first capsule is going to suck, but it's going to be real. My end goal is a uniform so moving forward that is going to be my focus. I've got a plan to do this via a capsule and here are the random rules I've set for the shopping of my capsule: 

-No set number of pieces just a general rule to keep it simple and clutter free.
-Any item coming into the closet MUST add to the final uniform.
-If there are items currently in the closet that don't fit into the "style" of my desired uniform BUT fill a needed gap for the season you are allowed to wear.
tanget: see the trouble I was running into was having a full wardrobe for summer that fit in this uniform. I just didn't have the money to buy it all. But with allowing myself the freedom of older clothes I can finish a wardrobe for summer.

Main point is that you don't continue to buy items that you don't want in your final wardrobe/uniform.
I still want to do a post on how I've been shopping for my capsule/uniform and how I gain inspiration, so that will be next week and the crazyness of the capsule/uniform will begin. I hope this all made sense to more people than just me and gives us all hope that we can create a wardrobe that we love and feel confident in, which is the point of this very serious topic.


  1. I love this thinking and admire it. I'm so scatterbrained and impulsive and not ready to commit to a style yet and I'm totally okay with that. But, I LOVE following your journey. It fascinates me. And I feel like someday I'll do something similar. Go nuts (or get very clear minded) and just toss my whole closet out... Someday.