March 30, 2011

Lovers Project

A food friend introduced us to Tara Larson, who was taking pictures of couples for a school project. So we got these amazing photo's for free! We hardly get pictures taken of us, so it was a nice treat.

March 28, 2011

A Black & White Party

We had to do David's birthday party early again this year. His birthday is right around conference and graduation, which makes it hard to have a party that people actually come to. So we did it early, 2 weeks early! We had a Smore's theme because David loves anything Smore's. Smore's ice cream, Smore's cookies, Smore's in general. But we didn't want it to be a campfire party, so we made it classier by having everyone come dressed in black and white.
Take a pic. with your smorePaul Mitchell LadiesI love to cut cakesHappy (early) Birthday David P! I love you!

homemade pizza and a date night

Homemade pizza, the BFA show, and David makes for a wonderful date night. It's so hard to believe that David will be starting to work on his BFA show next semester and then after that we will be graduating and moving to New York.

Homemade Pizza
1. Roll out pizza dough
2. Cover dough in tomato sauce
3. Cover with cheese and tomato slices
4. Bake at 475 until cheese is melted then sprinkle Basil on top
5. When Dough is browned pizza is done.

It's easy and delicious.

March 24, 2011


I really want to re-decorate my apartment. I've been wanting to paint the bedroom yellow, but I don't think our landloards would like that. So instead I bought yellow sheets, however I still want to paint. Plus we will be leaving soonish, is 9 months soon? Please say yes. I also want to throw out all of my old clothes and get new ones. Isn't David cute sleeping on the yellow sheets. F.Y.I cheap sheets are not soft sheets.

March 23, 2011

The Burger Hunt

(Snake Bite)

Way back in the summer time when we were doing all of our travels we started a search for the best Burger. We had burgers in New York, Austin, Seattle, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls. We picked a winner (thus far) for the best Burger and a winner for the best Burger Fry combo. We rated the burger's on a scale of 1-5.

5- WOW blew my socks off
4-Really good but not quite there
3-I like it. I would eat there again
2- If I needed to eat I would eat there
1-Don't waste your time

We rated the Presentation of the meal, the atmosphere of the restaurant, the burger it's self, and the fries.

Winner of best Burger goes to:
Snake Bite in Idaho Falls.
Over all rating a 5

Presentation 3 1/2
Atmosphere 5
Burger 5
Fries 4

They have a great specialty sauce, and you must try the onion rings.

Winner of best Burger and Fry combo goes to:
Dicks in Seattle.
Over all Rating a 4

Presentation 3
Atmosphere 3 1/2
Burger 4
Fries 5

Not the place to go if your a picky eater they don't allow any alteration to their burgers, and you have to eat standing up outside or in your car.

Other burgers in order from best to worst

Shack Shake NYC. Over all rating a 4

Presentation 4 1/2
Atmosphere 3
Burger 31/2
Fries 2

Stand NYC. Over all rating a 4

Presentation 5
Atmosphere 5
Burger 3
Fries 4 1/2

Great specialty sauce.

Sandys Austin. Over all rating a 3

Presentation 2
Atmosphere 3
Burger 3
Fries 3

Must try a milkshake so delicious.

Phils Icehouse Austin. Over all rating a 2

Presentation 3
Atmosphere 2
Burger 3 1/2
Fries 4

Inclusion of Amy's ice cream was nice and delicious!

In N' Out Utah. Over all rating a 3.

Presentation 3 1/2
Atmosphere 3
Burger 4
Fries 3 1/2

Like the hidden menu. Shakes are also great. But don't love the chain feature.

Can't wait to continue this search this summer, the Snake Bite will probably stay #1 for awhile I doubt anywhere in Idaho can top that. It's actually surprising that Idaho is home to the best burger. If you know of a good burger that we would should try let us know! Rockstar Diaries also does a search for the best burger if your interested.

March 22, 2011

i love....

dresses. wedding dresses. anthro wedding dresses.

Sandwhiches for Dinner

We had dinner with Steven and Margeaux on Sunday one last time before they head off to Seattle for Steven's internship. We made yummy Italian Sandwhiches, which also involve absolutely no cooking so anyone could do it, even me. Awesome!

You will need:
Bakery Bread
Turkey, Ham, Salomi
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Salt & Pepper

That's what I put on mine you could definitely add more or take away. Put it all together, butter your bread, and toast on some kind of grill. Easy! Thanks Margeaux!

-I promise this isn't turning into a cooking blog even though it seems that way.

March 21, 2011

Burrito Bowls

I hate to cook. It frustrates me! However David loves to cook (lucky me). And as a result I only know how to cook a total of 4 things.

1.Enchiladas (my signature meal)
2.Homemade Pizza
3.Breakfast foods
4.Simple pasta meals.

So when I found this meal from the genius Sheena over at her blog, I freaked out because I love burrito bowls and have never thought to make these at home. It's so easy anyone can make these and the best part about it is.... I didn't have to "cook" Love it!!
All you need ( I already had most of this in my fridge)
-White Rice
- Black beans
-Green onions
Tortilla chips


Even though yesterday was gloomy and rainy here in Rexburg for the first day of spring, I'm still not giving up on my hopes for the sun to come out so I can pull out all my sandals and dresses. I want to paint everything yellow and decorate my house with flowers, particularly these dried flowers from floresdelsol on etsy. Found via here.

March 19, 2011

this week

Coco healed from her surgery.
While I painted my nails an obnoxious color for winter. Bright pink. Costa Vida (the new Bajio) for dinner on Monday qualifying as FHE.
Finally did this style on my hair from this tutorial.
Made a Horkley's stop with our extra change. I rode the long board all the way there. Ate some delicious corn on the cob, can't wait to cook it on the grill.
Added color to this lovely lady. I also moved up to Creative, which is the second half of my schooling. Could not be more excited about that. A Blizzard after a long day.
and we end the week with Coco sleeping again. I'm excited for the weekend or my version of it. I plan on getting a lot of schoolwork done. I always say that but maybe since it's on the blog I will feel more obligated to get it done. Happy Saturday!

March 16, 2011


Remember splat? If not you can read about how much I love him here, here and here. I got a little surprise in the mail from my mom the other week and just love it! Thanks mom! Love you bunches!

March 14, 2011

A Sunday Walk

The weather is getting nicer, can't wait for spring.

March 13, 2011

Lets Go Out

Yesterday at school I was helping a friend with a color appointment and the receptionist brought me a little white envelope that said Lets go out. On the inside was an invitation to dinner and movie from David P. How cool is that? Who does that? No one. I was so excited to go out, I couldn't stop smiling. I felt like he was asking me out for the first time again.

We went to Olive Garden and ate at the bar. We've had this inside joke for awhile about eating at the Olive Garden bar and it was so fun to finally go. Plus we had the most amazing waiter.

After dinner we went to see The Tourist I had been wanting to see it forever, and it did not disappoint it was so much better then I expected. Angelina's outfit's were amazing! I want to look that classy all the time. Then afterwords we went to say hello to some friends who were visiting from out of town. It was such a fun night. For me it's hard to feel like you go on real date's when your married like the one's you used to go on when you were single. But David did such a good job of making me feel like he was courting me again. The best date we've ever had. Love you David P.

March 11, 2011

Through my windshield.

The winter is hard for me. It's so gloomy outside and I feel like all I do is go to school and sit at home, it can get depressing fast. The weather has been a lot better this past week and on Monday I wore a dress with no jacket. Lovely. I was looking at pictures from our Summer, getting excited for Spring, and ran across these pictures I had completely forgotten about. During our ridiculously crazy travels last 7 week break I started collecting pictures of what I would see threw my windshield. I think they are beautiful even though they were taken on my iPhone. And that is probably not considered photography but I don't care. I love the way the sun is taking over these pictures and all the colors. I developed a deep love for the outdoors during my time here in Idaho, and even though I always talk about how much I hate this place. I am grateful for the chance I have had to discover the worlds beauty.

In other news Coco got spayed today and we are hanging out with her healing her poor little self. Happy Weekend!