March 23, 2011

The Burger Hunt

(Snake Bite)

Way back in the summer time when we were doing all of our travels we started a search for the best Burger. We had burgers in New York, Austin, Seattle, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls. We picked a winner (thus far) for the best Burger and a winner for the best Burger Fry combo. We rated the burger's on a scale of 1-5.

5- WOW blew my socks off
4-Really good but not quite there
3-I like it. I would eat there again
2- If I needed to eat I would eat there
1-Don't waste your time

We rated the Presentation of the meal, the atmosphere of the restaurant, the burger it's self, and the fries.

Winner of best Burger goes to:
Snake Bite in Idaho Falls.
Over all rating a 5

Presentation 3 1/2
Atmosphere 5
Burger 5
Fries 4

They have a great specialty sauce, and you must try the onion rings.

Winner of best Burger and Fry combo goes to:
Dicks in Seattle.
Over all Rating a 4

Presentation 3
Atmosphere 3 1/2
Burger 4
Fries 5

Not the place to go if your a picky eater they don't allow any alteration to their burgers, and you have to eat standing up outside or in your car.

Other burgers in order from best to worst

Shack Shake NYC. Over all rating a 4

Presentation 4 1/2
Atmosphere 3
Burger 31/2
Fries 2

Stand NYC. Over all rating a 4

Presentation 5
Atmosphere 5
Burger 3
Fries 4 1/2

Great specialty sauce.

Sandys Austin. Over all rating a 3

Presentation 2
Atmosphere 3
Burger 3
Fries 3

Must try a milkshake so delicious.

Phils Icehouse Austin. Over all rating a 2

Presentation 3
Atmosphere 2
Burger 3 1/2
Fries 4

Inclusion of Amy's ice cream was nice and delicious!

In N' Out Utah. Over all rating a 3.

Presentation 3 1/2
Atmosphere 3
Burger 4
Fries 3 1/2

Like the hidden menu. Shakes are also great. But don't love the chain feature.

Can't wait to continue this search this summer, the Snake Bite will probably stay #1 for awhile I doubt anywhere in Idaho can top that. It's actually surprising that Idaho is home to the best burger. If you know of a good burger that we would should try let us know! Rockstar Diaries also does a search for the best burger if your interested.

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  1. I don't know, I make a pretty good burger. I think so anyway. The best ones are made at home if you ask me. Which you didn't, I'm just saying if you want a really good burger come on down to my house. You're welcome any time. :)