March 3, 2011

J.Crew Model

Are you tired of all the Photo Shoots yet? A friend at school (Dustin Perry) colored my hair a couple weeks ago and his photographer friend (Josh Peterson) took some pictures for his portfolio. Since the insperation for my hair came from J. Crew I asked if we could take some jumping pics like in their catalog and I am in love with the first photo. I felt just like a J.Crew Model. Dream Come true. Thanks Dustin for my amazing hair and letting me be a J.Crew Model for a day.



  1. holy crap, courtney, you HAVE to tell me dustin's secret for your it a technique called color melting? i know it's called about a dozen other things so maybe that's not what you know it as, but i heard about it down here and have been wanting it done to my hair SO badly. your hair looks amazing. and how jealous am i that you get to have professional pics taken of you so often!? everything about this photoshoot looks so much freaking fun. hey did you know we had baby jack?! : ) yeah he was born 3 weeks ago. he's SOO fun and cute. i'm gonna post his birth story on our blog in the next couple days so you should go check it out. he's freaking adorable, if i do say so myself. : )
    keep the photoshoot posts coming. i love them.

  2. haha ya there are a ton of different names for it. It's pretty easy. I basically just lightened from mid-shaft to my ends, then toned so it blended better. Wish you were still in Rexburg I could do your hair. Ya Hair school is so much fun there are so many opportunities to do photoshoots and get your picture taken this one was so much fun. Congratulations that is so exciting, I love the name. Your blog is blocked I can't look at it anymore. Add me so I can.

  3. I love the pictures! All of them! Well.... maybe the first one a little more but still they're all great!

  4. love the photos!
    so pretty