February 25, 2010


We Love Cranium! The first time we played together was with some friends last summer and then we played again with Craig and Jenae and just fell in love with the game but never got around to buying it. But then David's parent's got it for us for Christmas! We played with these guys a looong time ago it's just taken me awhile to get the pictures up.

note: please excuse the blurryness I was having issues with my focus and it's an intense game so it was hard to catch the action with my focus issues!

Love these two they are so funny! I always tell them how I wish they would get married! Dave AmyJackMelissa

February 23, 2010


Milk. David can't have it we are pretty sure he is lactose! Right after we have cookies or especially pizza his stomach hurts real bad! This has been going on for months and I have tried to be a good wife and remember not to feed him things that have cheese or milk but then I'll make cookies and give him ranch and he gets sick and I feel awful sometimes he forgets because the pain isn't too bad but other times he remembers and chooses not to say anything to me. However this week is a different story he isn't allowed anything that could make his stomach hurt so we can see if that is the real problem or if something else is going on. I feel so bad for him! But hopefully we can figure it out soon and he won't be sick anymore!

February 22, 2010

Love Booth

Did I ever mention that we were called to be in Activities? I don't think I did so I will now. We were called to be in Activities! Only the greatest calling ever, I was so thrilled when they asked us. So the other week we had a Valentines Activity and we we're in charge of the Photobooth! It was a lot of fun, I made hearts and mustaches for props and used the I Heart U cookie cutters my mom sent me haha!and I made some sweet cupcakes

February 16, 2010

dressed from head to toe in Love

As I've already mentioned a ton this month I Love valentines day and even though it was on a Sunday it was the best valentines i've ever had. We had a super relaxing day just lounging around enjoying each other's company. We don't have church until one so I woke up around eight and started making David breakfast.

David has been talking about Blueberry pancakes for the past week so that's what I made from a Jiffy muffin mix so it only made three pancakes but that's ok because I also made cinnamon rolls which I love! and Bacon which he loves! No breakfast is complete without Orange Juice yum!Or Mrs. Butterworth's which we got from David's house and I watched his dad mix ego waffle syrup right into this bottle which was pretty funny because I just laughed as he did this but then we ended up taking it home with us and I had to tell David it was tainted (mrs. butterworth's is his favorite)He also got some treats like chocolate covered pretzelsand Candy SO much candyalong with some Coca-Cola, donuts, and a beautiful J. Crew sweater from downeast which he wasn't suppose to get until his birthday but he kept asking if he could wear it so I gave in and he got it for valentines day. and I got beautiful flowersSome more decorations from my mom

And the best part of all David bought me Splat the Cat! and then read it to me which was just great! I was so so so so so excited! And then when it just couldn't get any better he got me splat stamps to go with the book. There are multiple splat books but this one is all about valentines day!
{splat}Then we went to church then came home and David made me a huge feast and we just hung out and watched a movie and decorated some valentines cookies. I know a lot of food! Between the both of us cooking up special surprises for one another we ended up with a ton of left over. of course we had salmon what else? it's so delicious!

February 11, 2010

Me and my Sweetheart

Every Tuesday at two there is a devotional held at BYU-Idaho, a different person comes to speak to us every week. This past Tuesday Elder J. Ballard Washburn came and he gave the most amazing talk! He talked about our mission in life. Which is you and your sweethearts mission.

Note when he says: Sweethearts = Your spouse and
Old Scratch = Lucifer.

Here are a few of the things that I got from the devotional usually I don't share but I just thought it was so good I wanted to share with all of you.

- The greatest gift God has to give cannot be received by one person.

- The most important thing I will ever do is marry my sweetheart.

- I will be a good wife when I learn to love my husband more then myself.

- The single purpose of old scratch is to oppose the great plan of happiness to corrupt the most beautiful experience of life romance love marriage and parenthood.

- Some decisions should not be made by men and women talking it over but by asking the Lord.

- A little Kingdom is created when you kneel at the alter

- If you give the Lord an acceptable offering of going to the temple you can claim the blessing of protection over your family.

- Women are the heart of the family!

I've always really enjoyed talks about marriage and the family that's probably why I liked this devotional so much.

The real talk is even better go check it out! {devo} it's Called Our (you and your sweethearts) mission in life by Elder J. Ballard Washburn.

February 8, 2010

Did I mention

I love valentines day?

and crafts like these are why
when I'm bored in class I draw hearts on my notes even in my journals hearts are on every page. This wall of hearts would fit so well in my home.
{credits}As would this.

February 7, 2010

I wish I had a bandit hat

yesterday was my first saturday off in awhile so we made the most of it.....
first we went on a walkdown main street to the bank
i wish we got a piece of delicious bread or a warm cinnamon roll but we didn't. Then we went to DI and found some nifty things to put our new book shelf, pictures to come when it's all set up.

then we ate some of this yummy pizza
and saw this wonderful movie!

February 2, 2010

Holiday Love

As David would say "Every holiday is your favorite!"

It's true I do love all holidays the excuse to decorate, have a big feast, make gifts, and plan surprises. Plus all the packages getting sent and the crafts! I love any Holiday but Valentines day definitely is the best of all the holidays out there!

I especially love to decorate for Valentines Day! {martha}

Happy February!