September 30, 2011

Fancy Friday

Top: Anthropologie. Skirt/Bracelets: Forever. Tights: Gap. Shoes: Target. Necklace: Downeast.

I feel like Fancy Friday has come a long way since the beginning (not that it's been a long time) it just keep's getting better and better. Or I've just become more comfortable in front of the camera and Josh can actually get a good picture out of me. We use to have to shoot for a long time before Josh felt like we got a good picture but recently it hasn't been taking very long and the pictures are amazing! 

I bought this sweater top thing last year and always had trouble putting it together with my outfit's,  if anything this blog has made my closet way more versatile and I love it. I don't have school tomorrow hooray! Do you feel like I've been saying this every Friday lately? Me too! It's been nice and will most likely be very hard to have to go next Saturday but for now I will take it. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and does something exciting for me, tonight we are staying in and resting. This week has been nothing but go go go and we need some down time, maybe I'll even go to the gym who knows!

September 29, 2011

Silver Lining

Skirt: Anthropologie. Top: T.J. Maxx. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Belt: J.Crew. Bracelets/Watch: Charming Charlies.

September 27, 2011

i love....tuesdays.

1. Coming home to beautiful, bright flowers for my new desk. 
2. CH ordering Taco Bell while her color processes. 
3. The funniest dinner date with neighbors.

September 26, 2011

When you wear a collar

You must grab hold. In every picture but one I am grabbing onto my collar.... obviously it's the thing to do, or I just think that I look better with my arm's up I don't know.  It's a late post tonight, I spent all day doing hair for a photo shoot and even though I am ridiculously tired right now it was amazing! As I said on my twitter I am so glad I dropped out of college to do hair. I would much rather spend all day hanging out doing hair than sitting in the library or in my apartment studying for something. No offense to those who are going to school, I fully intend on going back and finishing myself. But for now I love what I do much more than what I was doing.

September 23, 2011

Fancy Friday

Dress: gift. Jacket; Forever. Shoes/Tights/Clutch: Urban. Bracelets: Forever. Necklaces: Downeast and Forever.

I was so excited to put up Fancy Friday this morning so much so I woke up a little early so I would have time to make it a really good post. Sometimes my Fancy Friday team (me & bestie) come up with a really good outfit and sometimes Josh has some really awesome lighting ideas and some really awesome photo's are taken. Then just for fun David jumps in and get's all kinds of inappropriate in front of the camera and I get all kinds of awkward. Good times. I actually have no idea what we are up to this weekend, I have a lot of school stuff going on so hopefully we will be able to squeeze something exciting in there somewhere. Hope everyone has a fabulous Fancy Friday and of course a first day of fall!

September 21, 2011

i love....

1. Doing hair and face painting on the streets all day Saturday.
2. Being a twin.
3. Personalized seating. 
4. Free Hugs Day.
5. Intense dinner's by David Palmer.

September 20, 2011

Skinny Love

Top: Target. Boots: Old Navy. Necklace/Bangles: Forever. Bracelet: Charming Charlies. Pants: Forever.

I am cheap and do not buy my own music however that does not mean I haven't been morally guilt tripped into never stealing music again. Thanks you can applaud me in the comment box. So Pandora is my best friend but Pandora like's to play a lot of the same song's if I don't switch the station, but who has time to do that geez. Skinny Love is a really good example of a song being overplayed by Pandora. It was actually playing as I loaded these pictures. I know the song has nothing to do with loosing weight but man I can't help but think about how I only have 3 month's left (as of today)until we move to New York and I need to get myself into some Skinny Love. David being the amazing husband he is got me Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred (which has now turned into 25 day's cause I've missed a few). She claims on the cover I will loose 20 pounds but I don't think this is possible I'm just hoping for 5 that would be great! Thanks Jillian! Hope everyone has a Fancy Day!

September 19, 2011

Roof Top Dining

For a couple month's now we've been trying to figure out how to get onto our roof to have a BBQ. Well we are geniuses and figured out that if you just hop on over to our neighbors walk up there is a door that open's right on to the roof...... like I said geniuses. I wish we had figured this out sooner because it would have been a blast to sleep under the star's on our roof however it's so gotten a little too cold for that. But we did have our BBQ Friday night and it was so much fun, and in typically girl blogger fashion there was a picture taken of me with my food. Awesome!

September 16, 2011

Fancy Friday

Top/Necklace: Forever. Skirt: Gift. Shoes: Target. Belt: H&M.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. We are having a BBQ on the roof with friends tonight and then heading over to the big Sammy's show. Then tomorrow going to Idaho Falls to see the new Jessica Parker movie woopie I can't wait! I wanted to thank everyone for all the love this past week with comment's and follower's it truly mean's a lot so thank's guy's!

September 13, 2011

i love....tuesdays.

1. In-N-Out. Being a vegetarian has been really hard this past week I've been tempted with Salmon  (my all time favorite meat) Pulled Pork that was grilled for like 15 something hours, and then In-N-Out where I had to just get a fries and a shake. But I pulled through and am still going strong. 

2. Spending time at the temple we were married in 3 years ago!

3. Getting to see those crazy girl's for a little bit. I pretty much lived at their house in high school. We've had some crazy time's together.

4. New (cheap) jewelry for fall!

Fall Is Here

Skirt/Shoes/Bag: H&M.  Blouse: Target. Necklace/Bracelets: Forever. Earrings: Farmers Market.

It never feels like fall to me until the first day of school and yesterday was David's first last day of school. His last semester has come up so quickly, only 3 more months until we move it's crazy! I'm glad our last semester here will be during the fall, so many fun things to do, parties to attend, and so many treats to make. 

I got my necklace while we were in Utah this weekend, It's just one strand but I decided to buy two to make it look better and when one necklace is only $7 that's pretty easy to do. Forever had some really good necklace's this time around. Also sorry for the boring background every time. I've become addicted to that ally, the lighting is just so good and the wind doesn't blow... as bad.

September 12, 2011

The Weekend

Why is it that every time we go to Utah I never take any pictures? It's sad really. We went down to visit David's brother Craig for his birthday. There was a surprise party for him at the Melting Pot and he had no idea we were even in Utah. (side note if you've never been to the Melting Pot you must go even if it's just for dessert. So good!!) We did some shopping, and visited the temple we were married at, and we got to see my adorable nieces and nephews. I hope my babies are as beautiful as these two! We also stopped by an old friend's house from Texas and got to see a lot of Texas people. Always a good time at the Gallup's home. Sorry for the serious lack of photo's I promise to be better next time! 
Hope everyone had a Fancy Weekend!