September 13, 2011

Fall Is Here

Skirt/Shoes/Bag: H&M.  Blouse: Target. Necklace/Bracelets: Forever. Earrings: Farmers Market.

It never feels like fall to me until the first day of school and yesterday was David's first last day of school. His last semester has come up so quickly, only 3 more months until we move it's crazy! I'm glad our last semester here will be during the fall, so many fun things to do, parties to attend, and so many treats to make. 

I got my necklace while we were in Utah this weekend, It's just one strand but I decided to buy two to make it look better and when one necklace is only $7 that's pretty easy to do. Forever had some really good necklace's this time around. Also sorry for the boring background every time. I've become addicted to that ally, the lighting is just so good and the wind doesn't blow... as bad.

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