January 26, 2010

My Day Off

Today was my only day off for the whole week which was really nice since I didn't have one of these last week. I'm off track right now so there are no photo assignments therefore my camera has been sitting in it's case way too long. I had lot's to do today so I took the camera and along and shot some pictures. Also I am desperatly trying to decide if I should get my BFA in photography which means I would mostly study photography or if I should just do the interagrated studio allowing me to minor in something different like clothing construction, baking, dance, event planning, interior design, or communications. All of which I have seriously considered over the last 8 months. Along with just stopping and going to beauty school. I keep changing my mind and instead of doing fast grad this semester I took a break to seriously figure out what I want to do with my life. So I took my camera with me yesterday hoping I would re-gain the love for photography I had this time last year. I really do love photography and think it would be an amazing job but something is wrong and I am now afraid.


January 25, 2010

I am the Future Gazer

I have a bad habit of looking too much at the future and not living in the moment. I sometimes think too much about what fun things are ahead of me. For instance when we we're in Denver somedays I would wish we we're in Rexburg and now that we are I look back at Denver and think what a fun time that was I wish I had enjoyed it more then I did. So I guess my point is I don't want to be living in the future anymore I want to learn to enjoy the time of my life I'm in and not always be looking at what's ahead. aka New York. Because I'm sure when we are there I will look back at the short time we we're in Rexburg together and wish I had enjoyed it more. David knows this problem of mine very well and he suggested that we make a list of all the things that living in this part of the country has to offer that we haven't taken advantage of yet and set a goal to do them before we leave so that I could see that there is fun to be had everywhere and to help me get out of my "looking to the future" problem. Also David made me realize something I had forgotten that this time together is precious because soon we will be graduated and have kids and David will be working and life will only get busier. We are so free right now it's amazing we can literally pick and go whenever we want. We need to take more advantage of this precious time we have together. Needless to say I have an amazing husband who helps me remember the blessings in my life when I'm feeling down.

I said we should think of 60 things to do before we graduate but could only think of 35 so hopefully we can think of some more if not it's quite the list and if anyone has anymore good ideas let us know.

1. Go to the Tetons
2. Visit the Ghost Town
3. Take a trip to Vegas
4. Go to pretty place in Cedar City
6. Lake tahoe
7. Grand Canyon
8. Go Snowboarding
9. California
10. Visit the other half of Yellowstone
11. Quake Lake Camping
12. Have a bonfire just us
13. Sand Dunes
14. Explore Idaho Falls more
15. Build a Snowman
16. The Fair
17. The Rodeo
18. The Circus
19. Swimming in crazy places
20. Put-Put at the Craze/ Experience the Craze
21. Run Teton Dam Marathon
22. Visit the Teton Dam
23. Go on tour of Budweiser facility
24. Eat at the Olive garden bar (story for another day)
25. Reed's Dairy tour
26. Hike R mountain for real
27. David learn to float
28. Visit/Serve at the retirement home
29. Volunteer at 4-paws pet adoption
30. Do baptisms at the Rexburg temple
31. Go to a different temple
32. Go to the spoken word
33. Fishing
34. Grow a garden at the school
35. Visit Denver in the summer
36. Make a time capsule and burry it here for our children.

Some of these things are really random and could do anywhere but it just wouldn't be the same anywhere else and after making this list yesterday it made me realize how much I do like living here and how it has become our home and I will probably dearly miss it when we leave.

January 23, 2010

The New Year

So I made all these New Year GOALS (not resolutions) and have yet to start any of them! The New Year started so quickly and now January is almost over! Motivation for these New Year Goals will start next week! Hopefully......

So besides not improving myself I have been working and David has been working and going to school. I looked for a week for a job in Rexburg but couldn't find anything! I applied almost everywhere it was horrible and no one called except some ice cream place and I failed the interview. So I decided to go down to Idaho Falls to find something. I went to Bajio first hoping they would hire me because I use to work at the Bajio in Rexburg and they did! It was fabulous one of my old managers now works there and he gave me the job. The drive isn't too bad I have to leave super early and I get home a lot later but it's a job and I get lots of hours I'm just grateful to be working. I get really stressed when it's my turn to work and I can't find a job.
(David's first day of school)

David is taking on a lot more then me right now he works at the school as a Creative Director and is also the Creative guy for AFF and goes to school. He's doing really well as usual! And is applying for the BFA (bachelor of fine arts) program this semester. He will for sure get in I'm not worried at all but he is pretty nervous.

He is also applying for Internships in NEW YORK! we we're thinking about going in the fall but we just found out that it's going to take him longer to graduate. So instead of July 2011 it's going to be April 2012 and that's without taking a break for an internship. which also means that I probably won't graduate until then either because I'm not that far ahead of him. So that is super disappointing because New York is now 2 years away instead of 1. I guess it will always be there right? So we're going to try to both get Internships for the 7 week break. We shall see what happens.

So besides that little disappointment life is Great and 2010 should be a good year! (A sign I made for David after his first week of school)(The delicious cupcakes David made for me after my first day of work)

January 19, 2010

Year and a Half!

We've been married a Year and a half today!! IT feels like SO much longer!! Like we've been married forever but in a good so much longer kind of way. Time to Celebrate! We went to the temple which was a perfect way to celebrate! Then we got our favorite domino's pizza and Crazy bread and horkleys because we are saving up for a big trip! (more on that later) I love love love being married! It's so much fun every night is a big party!

10 Reasons to get Married to David Palmer: ( just a few random reasons out of a million)

1. He loves me more then anything in whole entire world!
2. He can cook the most amazing meals
3. He is patient
4. He turns off the light and gets me water
5. He's super talented as a graphic designer aka provides for the family!
6. He makes me LAUGH!!
7. He supports me in all my crazy career choices (owning a cat house)
8. He is a first class Husband
9. He is Handsome
10. He makes me happy!
I love you David!

(note I put the time on my point and shoot and I didn't think it would show up on the pictures but it did I will be taking that off later)

January 12, 2010

The rest of the Seattle trip

We we're in Seattle quite a long almost two weeks ok more like 9 days. But David LOVES Seattle so that's ok. He really wants to live there but I'm not down for that I don't know why there is just something I don't like maybe because my Heart belongs to New York... well we did a lot and a lot of nothing. It hardly ever rained which was great because I really really don't like the rain but it was gloomy but so is Idaho. David's mom showed me how to knit a scarve which was awesome except I didn't even come close to finishing it because it took me awhile to figure out how to do it correctly so i'm still working on it. I also learned how to make cinnamon rolls and pie crust correctly. We went caroling at the nicest old folks home I have ever seen! We ran across the floating bridge. We ate lots of food. Did TONS of shopping well we looked around a lot and didn't buy too much but somethings. We had a great time and look forward to visiting again which i'm sure will be soon.
David put a quarter in every one of the slots so we could see the World's largest shoes it was great to see them ALL even though I just wanted to see one and then people we're coming over and peeping in our paid for viewing. That's ok I guess Merry Christmas!
palmer boys so funny minus bryan and craig
David really wanted some sperry's but they were way too expensive so we found these 12 dollars how awesome at payless!
Chucks Donuts! Everyday David would bring up how much he wanted Chuck's donuts so we went and got some They were good but nothing like good ol Krispy Kreme sorry dave!

January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 with the Palmers

Christmas was.....
Amazing with this handsome guy





Ice Cream!

Gingerbread Houses