January 23, 2010

The New Year

So I made all these New Year GOALS (not resolutions) and have yet to start any of them! The New Year started so quickly and now January is almost over! Motivation for these New Year Goals will start next week! Hopefully......

So besides not improving myself I have been working and David has been working and going to school. I looked for a week for a job in Rexburg but couldn't find anything! I applied almost everywhere it was horrible and no one called except some ice cream place and I failed the interview. So I decided to go down to Idaho Falls to find something. I went to Bajio first hoping they would hire me because I use to work at the Bajio in Rexburg and they did! It was fabulous one of my old managers now works there and he gave me the job. The drive isn't too bad I have to leave super early and I get home a lot later but it's a job and I get lots of hours I'm just grateful to be working. I get really stressed when it's my turn to work and I can't find a job.
(David's first day of school)

David is taking on a lot more then me right now he works at the school as a Creative Director and is also the Creative guy for AFF and goes to school. He's doing really well as usual! And is applying for the BFA (bachelor of fine arts) program this semester. He will for sure get in I'm not worried at all but he is pretty nervous.

He is also applying for Internships in NEW YORK! we we're thinking about going in the fall but we just found out that it's going to take him longer to graduate. So instead of July 2011 it's going to be April 2012 and that's without taking a break for an internship. which also means that I probably won't graduate until then either because I'm not that far ahead of him. So that is super disappointing because New York is now 2 years away instead of 1. I guess it will always be there right? So we're going to try to both get Internships for the 7 week break. We shall see what happens.

So besides that little disappointment life is Great and 2010 should be a good year! (A sign I made for David after his first week of school)(The delicious cupcakes David made for me after my first day of work)


  1. You guys are doing great. 2012 is just around the corner and so is New York.

  2. You're right, New York will always be there. Get that Degree and you can build a life with plenty of time for New York and the other things you want to do. Hey, if was easy everybody would live in New York!