January 26, 2010

My Day Off

Today was my only day off for the whole week which was really nice since I didn't have one of these last week. I'm off track right now so there are no photo assignments therefore my camera has been sitting in it's case way too long. I had lot's to do today so I took the camera and along and shot some pictures. Also I am desperatly trying to decide if I should get my BFA in photography which means I would mostly study photography or if I should just do the interagrated studio allowing me to minor in something different like clothing construction, baking, dance, event planning, interior design, or communications. All of which I have seriously considered over the last 8 months. Along with just stopping and going to beauty school. I keep changing my mind and instead of doing fast grad this semester I took a break to seriously figure out what I want to do with my life. So I took my camera with me yesterday hoping I would re-gain the love for photography I had this time last year. I really do love photography and think it would be an amazing job but something is wrong and I am now afraid.



  1. I like the Jello picture a lot! That one is my favorite. Hang in there with school and your major...it is so hard, I remember. Try to pick something that you really do have a passion for, if you don't LOVE it, as a woman/mom, you'll never actually use it. I am so glad you got the job in Idaho Falls! I am sure that was a huge relief. It is so dang hard to find jobs there! I am still keeping tabs of your blog...I am in survival mode with schooling and stuff so I am sure I won't post any time soon. I hope you are doing well! xoxo

  2. Fear - it is the enemy of our dreams. I think of all the things I wanted to do and didn't because I was afraid of making the wrong choice in life and what I can say about fear is it never helped me make a better choice. Faith - a friend even in the worst of times. All the roads in life are bumpy and at times rough. Faith in your Heavenly Father is the best companion in traveling the road of life. Keep your faith in Him and believe in yourself. I love you Courtney.