June 25, 2013

Park People

We aren't big outdoor people or REI people as I like to call them(in the kindest way) We like to camp but with all kinds of modern luxurious, and we hike on occasion, but one thing we do love to do is hang out at the park. When we lived in Rexburg you could find us at Porter Park every Sunday evening lounging and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Since moving to Salt Lake we have been checking out different parks where we can spend our summer evenings enjoying the sun before winter is knocking on our doors again. A couple weeks ago we went and checked out Sugar House Park and fell in love. It's basically a really large lawn with lots of hills and large trees providing the perfect amount of shade, the perfect place to spend a few hours lounging around, snacking on picnic food, and enjoying the summer sun.

June 16, 2013

Starting 25 with a Bang!

Dress: J.Crew, Shoes: H&M, Necklace: F21

Lets just get right to the point, I cut off all my hair!! While you may be thinking I did this because I am a new mom and wanting the convenience of shorter hair, it's something I've been thinking about for a very long time but have been too afraid to actually do it. Especially now that I more self conscious with the post pregnancy body. But every time I wash or styled my hair I just felt so bored with it. So even though I was really afraid to cut off the hair I worked so hard to grow,  I had to ask myself are you going to have long hair the rest of your life? It's time for somethings new.

So when my my best friend who is also a hair dresser surprised me by showing up on my door step the morning of my birthday(more on that later) I knew it was now or never. So Saturday night while the husbands were away we got to work cutting off almost six inches of hair! Surprisingly there were no tears and I have yet to freak out, although washing my hair this morning was something else.

Here's to starting off 25 right with the courage to try something new, may the rest of the year be ever so eventful.


June 13, 2013

Of Birthdays Past

Tomorrow is my 25th Birthday! So hard to believe it's actually here, I remember when David turned 25 I thought he was so old and now here I am Mrs. Oldie herself. However it doesn't feel so old when you yourself are 25, I'm actually pretty excited to be 25 I feel like it is the official age of adulthood and I am exactly where I had hoped I would be at this age.  

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite birthdays from the past five years, especially since some of these birthdays were blogged about when no one but my parents were reading my blog.

24th Birthday: David surprised me with a trip to California and I visited Disney Land for the first time. ( I still need to blog our Disney trip yikes!) We hung out at the beach and did some shopping. I'm not sure if he will be able to top it this year. You can read more about this birthday in this post here.
23rd Birthday: We held a dinner party at my favorite park in Rexburg, Porter Park. This was a lot of work getting everything to the park, but totally worth it. You can read more about that birthday in this post here.
21st Birthday: We had an all Pink party at our apartment above Sammy's (for you Rexburg people) except it wasn't Sammy's then. We hadn't even been married a year yet, and I had just started blogging. For some reason I was really into Pink that year. You can read more about that birthday in this post here. 

Can't wait to share my 25th birthday! I have no idea what is going on and David has been spending some late nights working in the garage on something... I think I've got a hunch though!

June 7, 2013

A Special Day

It's inevitable that whenever you see a baby blessing* take place, you dream of your own baby being blessed one day. Even before you are married or pregnant, the dream is there. It's not so much that you've anticipated the blessing but what that day represents. For me it meant I had made it, years of correct choices, and working hard so that I could make it to this day. So as I watched David carry our baby up to the front of the chapel this past Sunday to be blessed, my heart swelled with joy and gratitude that I had finally made it to the place I've so longed to be. A wife and Mother.  

David gave a beautiful blessing and even though there were four other blessings that day that could have taken away from that special moment they didn't. We looked around for blessing outfits** but in the end decided to just swaddle him in the blanket I had been making for this very day. Something I hope he will treasure way more since it was made out of love, even if it does get gradually shorter...... 

We had a small, simple luncheon after at our house with Davids family and a few friends. 

 * In the LDS church babies are given a special blessing usually a month to two months after their birth. You can read more about that Here. ** The baby is usually dressed in all white, and most families buy an all white outfit for their baby.