June 16, 2013

Starting 25 with a Bang!

Dress: J.Crew, Shoes: H&M, Necklace: F21

Lets just get right to the point, I cut off all my hair!! While you may be thinking I did this because I am a new mom and wanting the convenience of shorter hair, it's something I've been thinking about for a very long time but have been too afraid to actually do it. Especially now that I more self conscious with the post pregnancy body. But every time I wash or styled my hair I just felt so bored with it. So even though I was really afraid to cut off the hair I worked so hard to grow,  I had to ask myself are you going to have long hair the rest of your life? It's time for somethings new.

So when my my best friend who is also a hair dresser surprised me by showing up on my door step the morning of my birthday(more on that later) I knew it was now or never. So Saturday night while the husbands were away we got to work cutting off almost six inches of hair! Surprisingly there were no tears and I have yet to freak out, although washing my hair this morning was something else.

Here's to starting off 25 right with the courage to try something new, may the rest of the year be ever so eventful.



  1. Belated Happy Birthday!! Woohoo, go you! - that takes some courage! Loving the new do, you look gorgeous! :) Have a fantastic 25th year!

  2. ditto to (almost) everything you wrote! I too wanted to cut off all my hair for a long time, but waited til after I had Declan to do it! such a weight off my shoulders! and your cut looks fantastic!

    happy birthday too! :)

    1. Thank you thank you!! But really it is a weight off my shoulders pun and everything :)

  3. Hair looks great!! Happy birthday!

  4. love the hair courtney! And that dress!! Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great one.

  5. really cute colour blocking on your dress - that statement necklace is pretty cute too <3

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