March 30, 2012

Fancy Friday

Top: F21, Pants: F21, Clutch: Nordstrom (old) Shoes: Target, Necklace: F21, Watch/Bracelets: Charming Charlies. Lips: Color me Coral, Revlon. review here. 

A Happy Fancy Friday to you! Sorry Fancy Friday hasn't been living up to it's name Josh who usually takes the pictures has been really busy. I wore this yesterday for the shopping trip I took to  Idaho Falls all alone, and let it be put on the record that I did not once use my phone for navigation. 

Any big plans for the weekend? We've got a jam packed weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Part of which includes seeing the hunger games again, and of course eating some really delicious food. O ya and of course training for the half, can't forget that. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

March 29, 2012

Lipstick Review

Color Me Coral, Revlon.

I think Revlon has become my new favorite lipstick line. It's so cheap and they have great colors. I love their lipsticks because their not too thick I can wipe them off easily before eating or if I decide to switch up my color. I call this shade my calm orange, it's still adding color to my face but it's not bringing too much pop. A great way to make yourself feel put together without the lipstick being the center of attention.

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March 28, 2012

Something Extra.

 After a fabulous blow dry from Alexa and Dustin we decided to do a little photo shoot outside of FORM. Can you believe they made my hair look this great with just a blow style? Thanks you guys, and thanks Alexa for the great pictures.


Good Morning.

Skirt: H&M, Shirt: F21, Shoes: J.Crew. Belt: Old Navy.

Good morning in deed, we usually take outfit pics in the afternoon so please excuse my tired eyes. 

In other news I finally picked a major hip hip hooray. I decided to go with Art again, and emphasis in Photography. I haven't decided if I'm going to do the BFA (bachelor of fine arts) or not, but I have a major so now I can register. Except for the fact that every single class is completely full, I definitely don't miss registering. So if any of you feel like dropping an oil painting class, or some photography classes it would be much appreciated. Hope you have yourself a Fancy Day!

March 27, 2012

More Mint Please

Dress: Target (old) Cardigan: Anthropologie, Shoes: Target, Bracelets: F21/Charming Charlies.

As I was thumbing through all my dresses on Sunday I was like Holy Crap I have a MINT dress! What are the odds that something I bought it almost two years ago would become a huge trend, lucky me! So moral of the story is don't get rid of things they could come in handy. 

We started training for the half marathon we are running in June last night oooo my it was rough. My lungs have a hard time working in the natural air, I'm a huge fan of the treadmill. Keep in mind we only had to run 3 miles today, and by the end I was barely moving. It's going to be a long 12 weeks my friends, a looong 12 weeks.


March 26, 2012

A Fancy Video

Plus a few instagrams from the weekend. 

We spent our entire Saturday riding bike's/longboards around. From 10 a.m to 10 p.m. that little red bike was my best friend, and I loved every minute of it. Thank goodness bike weather has arrived, for now...... We had such a blast riding around town, and hopefully got some of our tan on. 

Of course we saw the hunger games and like I promised we went allll out even as far as buying the souvenir cup at Fat Cats. That's right I now can get unlimited refills for $1, these are the kind of luxuries you can afford when husband has a real job. 

Untitled from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo.

Are my video skills improving? I figured out how to reverse and went a little crazy with it. Now to figure out how to fade the music at the end....

March 23, 2012

Fancy Friday

Dress: F21, Shoes: H&M, Bag: Dooney & Bourke via DI.

Better late than never. 

Sorry for such a late post, we've been so busy and I've gotten behind. Can you believe I found such a long dress at Forever 21? I never even dare to try on dresses there because I know they will be too short, but this one is a dream. I did however have to buy a slip, a small price to pay for such a rockin' dress if I do say so myself. 

Any big plans for the weekend? One things for sure we are going to the Hunger Games toniiiight eeeeeek I cannot wait. David got us some amazing seats (our theatre reserves seats, it's odd) and we are going all out with the candy, soda, and popcorn. 

Hope you have you a fabulous weekend!


March 22, 2012

Like a Lady

Blouse: F21, Pants: Nordstrom, Shoes: T.J. Maxx, Necklace: Gift, Glasses: Target, Bracelets: F21.

The weather is abosultely perfect today we had lunch in the park and as I was running in and out of stores I actually started sweating, don't be grossed out just little.

Why is that you run out of everything all at once. I feel like the day I run out of mascara I also run out of toilet paper, make-up wipes, milk, and detergent. It's crazy, and then you spend twice as much and twice as long as anyone wants to spend in Wal-Mart. Not to mention all the funny looks people give you for running errands in heels, get with it Rexburg you can do anything in heels. sheesh. 

March 21, 2012

Minty Fresh

Pants: F21, Top: Juicy Couture, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Lips: Angel. (review here)

Thanks to Pinterest for helping me pick out this outfit maybe pinterest isn't so bad. I'm loving my minty pants and wish I had a few more colors. Now if the weather would just play a long... Hope you're having a Fancy day!


March 20, 2012

Audrey Inspired

Coat: F21, Heels: T.J. Maxx, Glasses: Target, Earrings: Downeast, Tights: Gap, Skirt: F21, Shirt: H&M.

I've been looking for a fabulous fur jacket all winter, but every time I find one it doesn't fit in the budget. However this jacket fit in the budget quite nicely at only $14! It was on sale and there were only a few left so I was really lucky.

When I was checking out the cashier asked Where I was going to wear this jacket. And I just kind of laughed and said "EVERYWHERE! Where will I not wear it?" Then I continued to explain that I lived in Rexburg a terribly cold place that is sunny one day and a blizzard the next so this jacket would fit in nicely there. 


March 19, 2012

A Fancy Video

Our weekend in Salt Lake, was perfect. We got to spend time with David's brother and sister, had dinner with friends, and while David worked I shopped. Duh. Then we did some more much needed shopping for him. Of course there was a lot of eating, unfortunately we didn't have a ton of time (room) to eat at all the amazing places you guys suggested via blog, instagram, and facebook. Next time for sure. I didn't get too many shot's of my outfit but you can see it pretty good in a few strips. Excuse my poor video lingo. Enjoy!

Untitled from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo.
Outfit: Pants: Paige Denim, Top: Old Navy, Cardigan: American Eagle, Shoes: Steve Madden. 


March 16, 2012

Fancy Friday

Shirt: J. Crew outlet, Skirt: K-Mart, Shoes: Target.

 It's a sad gloomy day in Rexburg and no one is around to take my picture. Since our apartment is much larger and very empty I had the brilliant idea to take them myself, not too bad for my first self portrait we just won't talk about the head chop.

 We are off to Salt Lake for the weekend for David to do some work, while I buy some gems for our new place. If you have a favorite place to eat in Salt Lake let me know in the comment box we would love to try something new, and to give you a push in the right direction I'm really craving some pizza.

Hope you have a Fancy weekend!

March 15, 2012

Skin Care Secrets

1. Neutrogena make-up remover wipes. 2. Olay cleanser. 3. Clinique scrub cream. 
4. Clinique eye cream. 5. Clinique lotion.

I do not consider myself a skin care expert but I do feel like I've learned a few important things over the years through trial and error. I only recently have felt like I've found an excellent skin care regimen, hitting all my bases when it comes to my face. Here are my five favorite skin care products.

1. Make-Up remover. I cannot live without make-up wipes, they are the quickest and easiest way to remove all your make-up. Preparing your skin to cleanse and moisturize without anything in the way. 

 I know a lot of women just use eye wipes,  but there is still make-up on your face that needs to be washed off. I know we think it falls off in the middle of the day while we are running around, but it is still there.  These Neutrogena wipes are all purpose cleaning off your eye and face make-up.

2. Cleanse. Now that your face is clear of make-up we can cleanse, to me the most refreshing part of getting ready for bed. It feels so good to have a clean smooth face and cleansing will do this. I love Olay total effects, it smells good and after having used it for me time have noticed an improvement in my complexion. It is anti-aging but I didn't really buy it for that, of all 7 things it claims to do anti-aging is only one of them.

3. Exfoliate. It's not good to exfoliate every single day, but probably once a week I use an exfoliant to remove any build of skin or dirt my cleanser may not be getting. Don't scrub too hard when using an exfoliant or you could scratch your skin a little, which I have done and it is not fun.

4. Eye Cream. I always hear it's better to start young when taking care of your skin. Clinique all about eyes is a great eye cream to use at a young age when wanting to use something tothat reduces dark circles, and puffiness while taking special care of my younger skin. So my old skin will look young, and it must be working because I still get asked if I'm in high school.

5. Moisturize. If you do nothing else with your skin at least moisturize. Hydrating your skin is a huge first step to taking care of your skin. I've been using this lotion since high school it is my absolute favorite. I use this lotion in the morning after I have cleansed as a primer for my make-up and then at night at the very end. I put it on my face and as well as my neck.

March 14, 2012

Turtle Turtle

Leggings/Cardigan: J. Crew, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklace/Bracelets: F21, Lips: Lady Danger. review here. 

This is my go to lazy outfit, whenever I'm not feeling up to creating a new outfit or just running to the store I throw this on with some lips and call it good. It's so comfortable yet I still feel put together. My favorite part is the turtle buttons on my cardigan, J. Crew never forgets about the details.

March 13, 2012

Quality not quantity.

Pants: Paige Denim, Top/Necklace: F21, Cardigan: Old Navy, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: H&M.

In the grandeur of Forever 21 this little pink blouse was calling my name, in the far back corner it hung on the wall waiting for me to come and buy her. I knew she fit before I even tried her on and when she told me she was only $8 we both cried together. 

My love affair with Forever 21 is out of control. You can't not love it. You also can't not love my new Jeans. Yes NEW! I can't even tell you the last time I bought new jeans. 

You see shortly after getting married and having the devil of a drug of birth control in me I went crazy and hated wearing jeans, and never ever wore them. This insanity has slowly been wearing off, thank goodness right? How does someone live without jeans, they don't it was hard, people thought I was always dressing up all.... fancy?

So I found these guys and I actually felt beautiful in them not like a large circus animal eating your peanuts and stealing your mother's good Sunday hat. 

I know I'm all about the affordable fashion but sometimes you have to buy quality and everyday jeans are something you should not buy on the cheap. I think they fit into the staple items category. All staple item's should be of good if not great quality, meaning they will last a long time and you can wear them with anything. 

So sometimes $12 F21 jeans just don't cut it, you need something that is going to fit your body correctly and make you feel good,not like a circus animal. But then other times cheap is awesome, like my pink top, and my faux watch.

March 12, 2012

A Fancy Video

Untitled from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo. Music: Desert Noises, Oak Tree
 I was inspired by this Kate Spade video to make a video of my outfit instead of taking pictures, so you can see it live in the flesh. I am not the greatest at video editing so no making fun and somehow along the way we managed to take pictures, I guess it just didn't feel right without them.
 Top/Skirt: F21, Wedges: Target, Watch/Bracelet: Charming Charlies. Lips: Siren. review here.

March 9, 2012

Out on top.

{flowers from the hubs.}

Today was David's last day of Radiation, a huge moment for our little family. I couldn't be prouder of him for all he's done and how strong he has been for the past 7 months. We know for some this struggle does not end with the same joys we are feeling, and we count ourselves extremely blessed and lucky. 

David rode his bike back to work from lunch and as I was watching him ride off from the window I realized a lot of himself was pushed aside, hidden under the cancer. It was so nice to see him doing something that made him happy, something he use to do before all this started.  Here is to more days like today!

Congratulations my love you did it!

Fancy Friday

Pants: F21. Shirt: F21. Watch/Gold bracelets: Charming Charles. Green bracelets: F21. Heels: T.J. Maxx.

I caved into the color pants phenomena and I Loooove them. 
Yesterday as I was cruising around town in my minty pants I was noticing how boring everyone's wardrobe was, and began to wonder how I lived so long without colored pants. So I guess this means I will definitely be buying some more, I'm thinking a light pink. 

However a good pair of colored pants can be hard to find for a good price and you know how much I love finding things on the cheap. I originally wanted these, but the price was too much for me, then I found these and though the price wasn't terrible it was still too much. THEN I went to the wonderful world of F21 and found the pants above for only $15 and thanked the F21 gods right then and there for being so darn awesome. 

Hope you have yourself a Fancy weekend!