January 17, 2012

David is Cancer FREE!

Back in August David was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's Lymphoma a cancer affecting your lymphnoids. He started chemotherapy at the beginning of September and finished his last treatment on December 16th. He had a P.E.T. scan here in Seattle this past Friday and we met with the doctor today to get the results. Obviously they were good. I started a blog to keep a record of everything that was happening and to keep the family updated but did a horrible job of actually updating. I wrote about the doctors visit today on that blog and have just copied it to here because I didn't feel like writing it again. 

We didn't find out the results until today, talk about torcher. Even though we had heard a hundred times the cancer was 98% or 99% curable there's still that chance that keeps you worried that it wouldn't be gone.
We went into the doctor today at 10:30 and they made us wait until almost 11 before they came to get us. Then the nurse came in and talked to us, I'm not sure why? But shes a nice lady and is fun to talk to but I mean when you are waiting for results like this I could care less about niceness and chattyness. Finally the doctor came in. We were both on our phones, I think to help distract from the painstakingly long wait we were enduring. 

He kept rambling on about some lymph node in his upper neck that was still there, I couldn't decide if he was telling us good news or bad. It almost seemed like he was reading the report for the first time! He rambled on some more about the P.E.T. scan he got back in November and how it was pretty clear. Ok good news keep going. I'm not sure what David was thinking through all of this but I'm pretty sure he wanted to scream. 

Finally, Finally the words "Your cancer is in remission" came out of his mouth and we both sighed with relief. I'm not sure what else the doctor said I was just so happy to hear my husband was healthy. HEALTHY! No more doctors or their nurses, no more needles, blood, gloves, or sleepless nights.

I can have my husband back!

 We sighed with relief but it wasn't until we were in the lobby that I cried for joy. It has been such an emotional five months, at one point I thought for sure he was going to die. Long story tell you later. However long and emotional for me it's been even longer for David, but he has been so strong and even stronger for me. He worked and went to school through the entire thing. I am one lucky wife. I'm so grateful that it can only go up from here, he can only get stronger and healthier.

Unfortunately he still has to do radiation, we will meet with the radiologist tomorrow. But from what the doctors and nurses have been telling us radiation is a breeze in comparison to chemotherapy. More news on that tomorrow. 

We celebrated with lunch at Tubs Subs he chose Tubs over a burger. That's how much he loves it. We are making dinner tonight and then going out for dessert and a movie. It has been a very happy day over at our house and much deserved.
Here are a few pictures from the surgery and Chemotherapy.

We are so grateful for all the support and love from our family and friends through this whole thing. From baskets of healthy goodies, rides to and from chemo, helping us move, love notes, checking up on us, and simply just loving us thank you! It means more than you will ever know!


  1. I am so happy for you both! I know how hard it is to see the one you love suffering through treatments. I pray that the radiation treatments will not be too rough and he stays in remission. My heart is with you two.

  2. Courtney this makes me so happy to hear. My husband was diagnosed with the same cancer before we were married. He has now been in remission for 5 years and barely ever has to go back to see his oncologist. I was with him at that appointment and I was so overjoyed that I can only imagine how overjoyed you were at this stage. This makes me happy. I heard about it and was concerned but knew you two are strong and can get through anything. So yeah! Derek has a scar in the same place and I just love it because it shows their strength. I am so happy for the two of you. Best of luck, love, and support through the upcoming stages.

  3. Cyndi- Thank you for your comment, we are so happy to be at the close of this thing.

    Laura- I had no idea that's so crazy. But so happy to hear its been in remission they say it should never come back which is awesome. Thanks for sharing and all the support.

  4. GIRLFRIEND! best news everrr. I'm THRILLED for you and david and can't wait til we get the same news!!! you have been such a fighter through it all finishing school and on the dean's list! let's not forget how much you worked too! I'm so proud of you for accomplishing your goals while deal with such an emotional, mentally, and physically draining trial. I look up to you and love you! and of course, miss my kitty. I'm so glad to hear, "I GET MY HUSBAND BACK!" that's got to be the best feeling of all! thanks for being such a support to me and adam, when he was away and when he near. you always new what it was like and that's why i believe we became best friends.. LOVE YOU.

  5. Courtney, I just found your blog! I had no idea about David, so I'm both sad and happy about this news. Happy that his cancer is in remission but sad that you guys even had to go through this at all. Seve and I send you our love and we hope all is going well with you guys!