January 9, 2012

Art Ordinance

Skirt/Tights: Urban, Top: Target, Boots: Old Navy, Necklace: F21. Earrings: Farmers Market.

Seattle is a city filled with art, you can't go anywhere without running into art installations. Seattle was the first city to pass a percent-for-art ordinance in 1973. Simply put the government put's aside a certain amount of money to purchase art work to put around the city. Some are permanent like the one behind me and some are portable.

Personally I think it's really awesome that a city would care that much about it's general public and it's artist's to go above and beyond to make the city better. Plus it's so much fun when driving or walking around to run into art totally random. Down where we live it's everywhere you see it all the time, but someitmes its a little more scattered.  Like yesterday I didn't see anything for awhile and then bam there is a huge turtle attached to a lamp post. At least I thought it was a turtle it could have been something else. You can read more about the art ordinance here if you would like.