July 28, 2010


Shortly after me and David met 3 years ago we went with a group of his friends to a place called packsaddle a gorgeous lake nestled at the bottom of this mountain and surrounded by tree's its so beautiful. We've been meaning to go back but never got around to it. Mostly because you need a truck or some kind of SUV to get up the mountain. It's so gorgeous though we decided we needed to go even without an SUV and just hike up. However you then have to hike down to get to the lake so we had a lot of hiking ahead of us. and I have barely hiked R mountain a tiny little mountain outside of Rexburg.

The hike begins I thought at most it would take us an hour.

I was exhausted at this point and we were only half way.
2 hours later from when we started we got to this. Beautiful view of the Tetons.
I did it!!
He did it!!
now for the Hike down hooray!
At the bottom
We are almost there you can see some of the Beauty...
All 3 hours were worth it for this.
Too bad it was super windy so we couldn't go swimming. But I'm glad it wasn't too Hot or else the hike would have been awful. We ate our snacks, and hung out for a bit. Hiking down was much faster, it only took us an hour.
Even the drive out to Packsaddle was beautiful.

Off Roading from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo.

This is much cooler in real life. I didn't think we were going to make it through in our little car but David is an excellent driver.

July 25, 2010


For the actually 4th of July we had a small bar-b-que at Beaver dick with a few friends. It was great except for the wind, I should have expected the wind to come it always does in Idaho.
American Sugar Cookies. (too crunchy)

I always get the weirdest pictures of this kid.

Kelli & her baby Carson
Dad Brandon.these two get married this week!

After the parade

There was a little festival at Porter Park after the parade. We went to see all the the vendor's which sadly was mostly just insurance companies. But we walked around for awhile, got some free cotton candy, sat on a bench like an old couple and got a little sunburned.
It always cool to see some of David's work up around town.
After the park we took a nap, ate some pizza, and then watched the fireworks with friend's.

July 23, 2010


Summer officially started for us today at 9 0'clock this morning. I finished my last test which was Botany, so glad that class and all classes are over. As soon as David is done with work which should be soon we are going to celebrate by going swimming.

July 11, 2010

America's Parade

I usually don't like the small town feel of Rexburg but This Day (july 3rd) I liked Rexburg.... a lot!

I liked waking up early with my husband to go save a spot with our camping chair's for the Parade that morning.
I liked sitting with friends from our ward.(sorry for the blur)
I liked chatting with new friends.
I like watching David act like a little kid to get some free chocolate milk.

I liked hanging out with new engaged friend's who we are excited to have as married friends at the end of July!

And of course I liked watching the parade.
we did more that day that I liked, to share later.

July 7, 2010

5 stars

(I have an amazing Husband who always brings me breakfast to work.)

We've done so much and so much has happened since my birthday the idea of even trying to catch up makes me tired.

Right now I am sick with a cold/flu/whatever bla... I wake up feeling awful drag myself to school and sometimes not even all of school and then come home and drag myself to study and clean our house. Which these day's seems to always be a wreck.

However as I mentioned I do have an amazing Husband who did all the dishes last night, put a big dent in the laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. Then on top of that hes been making me dinner, surprised me with simple Orange OJ and Brownies, and watches Grey's Anatomy with me!

5 stars for Mr. Palmer!

more exciting updates hopefully coming soon.