July 7, 2010

5 stars

(I have an amazing Husband who always brings me breakfast to work.)

We've done so much and so much has happened since my birthday the idea of even trying to catch up makes me tired.

Right now I am sick with a cold/flu/whatever bla... I wake up feeling awful drag myself to school and sometimes not even all of school and then come home and drag myself to study and clean our house. Which these day's seems to always be a wreck.

However as I mentioned I do have an amazing Husband who did all the dishes last night, put a big dent in the laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. Then on top of that hes been making me dinner, surprised me with simple Orange OJ and Brownies, and watches Grey's Anatomy with me!

5 stars for Mr. Palmer!

more exciting updates hopefully coming soon.


  1. 6 stars to bryan palmer for reading this amazing blog...he deserves some brownies and milk...who drinks oj and brownies...sounds like eating syrup after brushing your teeth.

  2. haha I meant that I got Brownies and then some OJ later not be enjoyed at the same time. geez what kind of person do you think I am!

  3. I think you are the type of person that watches Grey's Anatomy while eating brownies and OJ...not my cup of tea...mmmmm I like tea...but you are free to express yourself in whatever culinary delights you decide. I'm excited to see you guys next month.

  4. I hope you're feeling better, Court!