July 11, 2010

America's Parade

I usually don't like the small town feel of Rexburg but This Day (july 3rd) I liked Rexburg.... a lot!

I liked waking up early with my husband to go save a spot with our camping chair's for the Parade that morning.
I liked sitting with friends from our ward.(sorry for the blur)
I liked chatting with new friends.
I like watching David act like a little kid to get some free chocolate milk.

I liked hanging out with new engaged friend's who we are excited to have as married friends at the end of July!

And of course I liked watching the parade.
we did more that day that I liked, to share later.


  1. hahaha i'm so happy we made the blog!! we loved hanging out with you guys that weekend too!

  2. Yeah, I love a parade! Nice pictures. I love you too sweetie!

  3. nice juicy shot of david's butt crack in there. ; ) not that i was like, trying to look hard. I just kind of noticed. hahaha.

  4. The only better than a 4th of July Parade is one featuring Darth Vader...I wonder how he makes it to all these events on the same day...maybe he's Santa Claus...that would be so sweet...I knew he was real.

    - Bryan