January 5, 2015


January 5th! When did that happen?!

So many good things happened this year and for many many reasons I could say this was a great year. But then of course we will always have trials and for many reasons I could say this was a not so good year. I don't really feel like I can proclaim 2014 as either and that got me thinking...

If nothing particularly bad happened to me this year does this mean that I wasn't enjoying all the good, was I not living in the moment? What was distracting me from enjoying all that 2014 had to offer? I've come to realize there are a few things I do that take away from my happiness, I won't get into that here. But the goals I set for myself last year have really helped me to realize that if I want my situation to change I have to be the one to do it.

Towards the end of the year I had a realization that the main goal I set for myself last January had come to pass. I had put myself out there and at the very end of the year I caught myself thinking "this is how motherhood should be, THIS is what I've been waiting for." I had changed what needed to be changed and stopped waiting for someone to change it for me. Without even realizing it I had found true happiness in being a Mother, and if I'm being honest I am so proud of myself for the steps I have taken this year.

It's helped me to realize that I am stronger than I think I am and can do more than I think I can. So this year instead of making a goal with an exact number or an exact due date, I', make a goal to improve myself in a few ways I thought I never could because it would just be too hard.

Happy 2015!


December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

I had more things planned for the blog and for YouTube before Christmas but time just got away from me and instead of stress about it all I'm just going to call it and unplug from the internet for a few days. I have the tendency to completely checkout while looking at my phone when Dave is home because there is someone else to watch Rivers and I really don't want to do that over the break. I also get really into taking the perfect picture for Instagram I don't want to worry about that and just be free of it all.David rarely takes off a large chunk of time and I just want to really relax and enjoy it with him. Because at the end of it all who really cares about the visually flow of your Instagram?? Perspective is what I'm all about this Holiday season and sleep and pomegranates because heaven help us if I will be fooled again into thinking those are a all year long treat!! ANYWAYS.....

So this will be my last blog post and video for the new year, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and take advantage of the time spent with the people you love!

You can check out my last vlogmas here.

December 22, 2014

How To Winterize Your Nails

Julep asked me to create a little tutorial on getting your nails ready for winter and it was perfect timing too because I had already been working on such a post. They have some specific products you can check out for winterizing your nails that make the process much easier. But my favorite are the actually nail polishes and they have some great color choices for winter. 

December 17, 2014

Building a Wardrobe// Part 2

I'm so excited to be continuing on with this series! You can read part one (here)  Like I said in my previous post we are learning how to build a wardrobe together. I try something and then I share it here.

If you're wanting to build a more solid wardrobe I'm guessing you had the same problem I did. You have A LOT of clothes but nothing goes together. You've got a million different styles in your closet and you buy whatever and whenever.

The first thing I did was purge my closet. I got rid of probably 90% of all the items I never wear, I wish I could have gotten rid of more but financially I couldn't go and replace everything. I also wasn't emotionally ready to get rid of all of it either.

So after the big purge I like doing "baby purges" (clever! I know!) and this has helped a ton. By removing items from your closet you know you won't want in your finally wardrobe and simple storing them somewhere else you're letting to let the items go mentally, teaching yourself you don't actually need them, and allowing yourself to see what your closet really needs.

The idea is that whatever is left hanging in your closet are all the items you actually wear on a regular basis. You cannot create a new wardrobe until you can really see what you are needing, and you cannot really see what you are in need of with a closet filled to the brim.

How to PURGE: (ok so maybe I do have step by step instructions)

1. The Baby Purge: Create 3 sections to put your clothes into. One to keep, one to store, and one to donate/sale.

2. Go through your closet and divide the entire thing into those sections. I'm serious take out every single item and put it in a section.

3. Put the donate/sale pile into a bag and get it out of sight.

4. Now look again at section 1 & 2. Are you keeping too much? Should you put more in storage? The items going back into your closet should be items you wear regularly. Even if it's not an item that you want as part of the finale wardrobe, you need stuff to wear while you collect your new pieces.

5. Create a space for the items that are going to be stored for a few months. You want them out of sight, do not put these back on the hanger or in your dresser. I store mine under the bed in a slide out drawer. But you could put them in a box in your closet or hall or kitchen. Just get them out of sight.

6. Put the rest of the items in your closet. After all this you should have significantly less in your closet, unless you have an insane amount of clothing to go through. You know your closet and you know your limits. Do what you can.

7. Pick a time frame to go back and do this whole process again. I chose 3 months, but if you want more time take more. If you want to get this done faster do less. It's up to you!

8. 3 months later (or whatever time you chose) go back and look at the stored items first. Hopefully you will realize you never wear those items and you will just donate them.

9. Then go through your closet again. Do steps 1-8.

While I probably sold half of my closet on Instagram a few months back there is still a lot of work to be done with getting rid of the old, but there is even more work with bringing in the new. So really it's all  a balancing act.  As I am writing this out I am realizing just how ingenious this whole thing is and maybe I really do know what I'm doing with this wardrobe business. Maybe.

December 11, 2014

Prepping your closet for Winter

Growing up in Texas the weather didn't change too much so my wardrobe stayed pretty consistent. I would add a coat in the winter and take it out in the summer. But after having lived in the colder weather for over 6 years I know how important it is to rotate your closet during seasons.

To prep my closet for winter I first make sure I have a place to store all my summer clothing. Then I begin to take out and sort my summer clothing, I make a pile to store and a pile to donate. I then bring in all my winter items back into the closet to replace the summer items and put those summer items in storage. Pretty simple but can make a huge difference.

By only keeping the current seasons items in your closet you will have more room to store it all and this will making getting dressed much easier. Half of your closet will not be dedicated to items that aren't appropriate for that season, and you can pick and choose quickly what to wear.


December 9, 2014

Basic Series//Tinted Moisturizer

I was watching a friends video the other day and came to realize that I had been using a beauty product all wrong! I couldn't believe that I had owned this item for over a year and had never learned how to use it correctly.

Then I had another experience where I was at Target with a friend and I said I was looking for a new concealer to try and she literally said she didn't even know how to use canceler or what it was used for. I was blown away!

It made me think, how often do we buy a new makeup product just because it's popular but we don't actually know how to use it. Or we are told in makeup tutorials that we should be using certain products but we don't really know why and maybe there are some of us out there that truly don't know what concealer is and we need a basic intro in something as simple as that.

So I've decided to start a basic series where I can explain the basics of beauty products, from the new and popular to the old and trusted.

I made my first video in the series about Tinted Moisturizer because I feel like it is still fairly new and everyone seems to be using Tinted Moisturizer over foundation these days.

In this video I talk about three things. 1. What is tinted moisturizer. 2. How does it compare to BB creams and foundation. and 3. How to apply it.

December 8, 2014

VLOGMAS// Day 2 & 4

So many YouTubers are doing Vlogmas right now and I love it!! I love to see what my favorite YouTubers are up to and so I thought why not join the fun! I did my first vlog and I had a blast filming and editing it but then I started to film the next days vlog and there was just so much detail of what we were doing and where we were going. It really started to freak me out that I was putting all that information on the internet. So my second vlogmas is a little different and I think that is how most of them will be from now on. I hope you like it, they are fun little side project for me to do from my regular videos and I really love making them! Enjoy and happy VLOGMAS!!

** Someone asked me what happened to all vlogmas days 1 and 3.  I just haven't been filming those days and I'm just uploading the days I did film. I don't know if that system makes any sense and if I should just change it the order in which I am uploading....