August 27, 2009

A day of First's!

Last Friday was a particularly good day for Me and David

David got his first freelance check! SO PROUD!
First Twenty Four Case of Coca-Cola

First time family came to visit us at our Home!
(David, his mom Karen, and little brother Steven)
It was so fun to have family visit us we looked for someplace for Steven to live since he will be coming up here in the fall, saw some movies and just hung out!

We we're so happy we jumped for joy!

August 20, 2009

Cake & Swimming

In between Summer and Fall Semester we have a Seven Week Break! Which is great Seven Weeks is a long time to rest, save up money, and play. But I can't find a job in this little town and really don't want to work at a Call Center. Even though I probably should I just can't bring myself to do it. So with all my free time I am learning how to Cook! More like Bake! I hate cooking! But I love to Bake! With the help of Better Home & Gardens, Betty Crocker, and of course MARTHA! My Favorite I have learned to make Dinner Rolls, Cookies, Pizza Dough, Cake, and Frosting! All Homemade! I'm most proud of the Pizza Dough because I tried it once and failed horrible! But this time It was so so good! Second I'm most proud of this beautiful cake you see below! Because not only is this cake homemade but the frosting as well! I made that! Can you believe it? Its pretty delicious! Next I really want to try to make a PIE! But I found this book by Martha and she teaches you all the basic's of cooking, everything an at home cook should be able to make at least in her opinion. However I'm skipping the real cooking and going straight to the baking! Cause I really Hate Cooking! First she has you makes cookies, then you make a cake, both I've already done but I"ll try again. Then it gets really hard! and you have to make all these really intense desserts I've never even heard of! and then eventually you make a pie! So hopefully I will be able to do all the dessert's Martha feels is necessary for any cook to know, and do them well! But making desserts is a little pricey! So I'll have to wait a week or two!

When choosing what cake to make I chose David's Favorite. Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting!
Cuting the Cake! I was nervous it was going to fall apart!Look how Beautiful!

We Love to Swim! Our Favorite place is this river in St. Anthony its really pretty but really cold!Jumping In! I opted out on this trip due to all the sea weed!

So Pretty!

August 14, 2009

Lost Camera

My Beautiful camera has been Stolen! Wednesday David and I walked to Hollywood Video and as usual I brought my camera with us since we we're using our well saved up jar of change to purchase our rental I thought it would be note worthy. Little did I know this outing would be Very note worthy! So we get to Hollywood and quickly pick out of video and then proceed to the counter to check out. I put the camera down on the counter so that my hands are free to count out the pennies. We didn't have enough change but the guy behind the counter thought we had so he completed the transaction. So we actually only paid 2.70 for a 3.17 rental which was nice. We then leave and are gone for LITERALLY 30 seconds before I realize that I left my camera and we start to run back, I go straight up to the counter and ask the employee if someone handed him a camera because it was NOT on the counter! Hes like what are you talking about? I'm like A DIGITAL CAMERA! DID SOMEONE HAND IT TO YOU? he just continues to look at me like i'm crazy as if hes never seen me before like I wasn't in here 30 seconds ago counting out a million pennies for twenty minutes. He has no idea who I am! We try to get the managers attention but she is talking to her friends and won't come over. FINALLY she does and she too acts like she's never seen us before. I re-explain the whole thing...... Hi I was in here 30 seconds ago we counted out our change you gave us a movie for less then you we're suppose to. Remember me? She doesn't! I tell her I lost my camera and if she can please tell me who checked out right after us. She won't! But she says she will call them later. I ask her to check the security camera and shes says there's nothing there. RIDICULOUS!! Needless to say we get no where with the Hollywood Video employees. So we call them back later that night to see if they have called the guy who checked out after us and she did but he didn't see a camera...... really really sketchy! We weren't gone that long either the Employees took it or the Guy who checked out after us because the store was completely empty! I can't imagine where else it would have gone. I decide to wait it out see if they will return it. Nothing. So David decides to go the Police, Rexburg is pretty small not too much goes on and they we're very willing to help they said they will go into Hollywood Video and look at the Cameras themselves which is AWESOME! So hopefully I will get my camera back but until then the blog is going to be pretty lame because there will be no pictures and my Big way Nice Camera isn't the most fun thing to carry around with you all the time. So hopefully the police will find my camera because I cant afford to buy a new one and I really Loved that camera.

August 13, 2009


This past semester has been REALLY tough for me and David! We hardly had any free time to be together, swim (our favorite thing to do) go camping or any of the usually summer activities. Most nights, some serious late nights and weekends we're spent on campus doing lame-o Homework! But we survived both receiving all A's and B's! A big achivement for myself not really out of the norm for David but nevertheless all our hard work paid off and we celebrated with a little trip to Jamba and an even bigger trip to Seattle!! David's little brother just so happened to be getting home from his mission around this same time nice timing in deed!
A little Mexican Coke to make the trip easier
This bridge is a checkpoint for me once I see it I know we are kind of almost there a light at the end of the tunnel and its really pretty
Karen and Brittany
Karen, Jenae, Brittany, and Me at the delicious cheesecake factory
We babysat the little ones so the parents could go out and enjoy themselves it was too bad except for Ella's nasty poops no offense jenae

too cute
what is this girl wearing...

David really enjoys ping pongShopping for new clothes for Steven somehow I have no pictures of him.....
David and his mom

We took a little half day trip to Freemont and then went and walked around by the water

Cat in one of the book stores! I love Cats!
Pretty flowers in Freemont
I really enjoyed freemont I just wish I had more money so I could have bought some beautiful clothes maybe one day!

For my Dad who has given me so many wonderful memories of Holidays and the Peanuts! I love you Dad!

Me, Tiffany, and Jenae
No wait there is Steven I have one picture. All of us at the spaghetti Factory

Bryans Best Smile

Sculpture park

I LOVE Krispy Kreme! So much I had TWO! WO!!! But we don't have them in Idaho so its ok
wo crazy hair!
And another one of Steven.. haha Sand Castle! I promise I have a bathing suite on we went "swimming" it was really different from swimming in Texas but still just as fun
Ella and David!
Seattle is always a lot of fun whenever we go! I always look forward to spending time with David's family they are always so wonderful!