August 20, 2009

Cake & Swimming

In between Summer and Fall Semester we have a Seven Week Break! Which is great Seven Weeks is a long time to rest, save up money, and play. But I can't find a job in this little town and really don't want to work at a Call Center. Even though I probably should I just can't bring myself to do it. So with all my free time I am learning how to Cook! More like Bake! I hate cooking! But I love to Bake! With the help of Better Home & Gardens, Betty Crocker, and of course MARTHA! My Favorite I have learned to make Dinner Rolls, Cookies, Pizza Dough, Cake, and Frosting! All Homemade! I'm most proud of the Pizza Dough because I tried it once and failed horrible! But this time It was so so good! Second I'm most proud of this beautiful cake you see below! Because not only is this cake homemade but the frosting as well! I made that! Can you believe it? Its pretty delicious! Next I really want to try to make a PIE! But I found this book by Martha and she teaches you all the basic's of cooking, everything an at home cook should be able to make at least in her opinion. However I'm skipping the real cooking and going straight to the baking! Cause I really Hate Cooking! First she has you makes cookies, then you make a cake, both I've already done but I"ll try again. Then it gets really hard! and you have to make all these really intense desserts I've never even heard of! and then eventually you make a pie! So hopefully I will be able to do all the dessert's Martha feels is necessary for any cook to know, and do them well! But making desserts is a little pricey! So I'll have to wait a week or two!

When choosing what cake to make I chose David's Favorite. Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting!
Cuting the Cake! I was nervous it was going to fall apart!Look how Beautiful!

We Love to Swim! Our Favorite place is this river in St. Anthony its really pretty but really cold!Jumping In! I opted out on this trip due to all the sea weed!

So Pretty!


  1. So now not only must you bake your World famous rolls for me but a cake as well! I simply have to try your baking. :)

    Great Pictures of the swimming place.

    I love you Courtney.

  2. Hang on to your passion for homemade, it'll keep you healthier and happier. Scratch JUST tastes better!