August 31, 2012

Dress: Target, Sweater: Anthro (old) Shoes: Steve Madden

Lets just get it out there in the open. Yes I have this same dress in a different color, yes it is that awesome, and yes you are a loser if you don't already own them both. 

Ok that last part was just to make me feel better about myself.

Hope you have a fabulous fun filled holiday weekend, the Blackfoot fair is on the calendar for Saturday and I couldn't be more excited for all the really healthy food I'm going to stuff my face with.

August 29, 2012

Shirt: F21, Skirt: Thrifted, Necklace: C/O Cheerfully Charmed, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Target.

It's Ok.....

-If your using this break between semesters to do a lot of nothing. 

-To ask for the same sample of tinted moisturizer at Sephora a couple times in a row, what else are samples for?

-To let  your husband do all the cooking for a dinner party. 

-To go to the Taco Bus twice in one week wearing the same outfit.... 

-If 8 a.m. is the earliest you've woken up in weeks. 

-To buy the same dress in different colors. 

-If you've ignored your  blog for a couple weeks. Sorry about that, I hope to get back to regular posting soon!

August 24, 2012

Fancy Friday with Kate

 I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I can connect with them more. For our fourth Rexburg blogger we have Kate from She Writes Home, while she is not exactly a fashion blogger I am always swooning over her clothes asking her where she got what.
Dress: DebsFreckles Shoes: F21  Belt: Jcrew

 Hi Fancies! I'm Kate from she writes home and writing home is exactly what I do. I've been in Idaho for the past 3 years with my mountain-man-of-a-husband, Lando and our weird dog, Burry. We blog to update our family on our adventures two states north of home. 

Courtney and I had a class together last semester, we sat in the back row and got into trouble too many times for talking. I think she is just the cutest...and the fanciest! 

This vintage dress was a gift from my friend Debbie (her etsy shop is filled with rad pieces!) I like the softness of the dress with the tom-boyish look of the shoes. And you'll never see me without a turquoise ring on, I have to show some Arizona pride after all.
Thanks Fancy Day readers for letting me play fashion-blogger for a day!

August 22, 2012

Oh you all thought I was dead? That's ok this past week I've pretty much felt like death. Sorry for my huge absence I'm hoping to feel better soon and posting will become regular again.

Awhile ago I created a idea board of all the things I wish I could get for Fall in this post here. A reader pointed out that all of these things weren't exactly affordable and while these idea boards are exactly just that an idea for an outfit,  I was feeling kind of guilty for not sticking to affordable fashion.  So I went on the hunt to find the look a likes for less, to prove once again that you don't need a lot of money to look great.


August 17, 2012

Fancy Friday with Katherine

I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I can connect with them more. For our third Rexburg blogger we have Katherine from Thrifted Things she never ceases to amaze me with what she finds at the thrift store, I think a shopping date is in order.  
Dress: thrifted, Headband: I made it, Shoes: Idaho falls mall

Well hello there Fancy Day readers! I'm Katherine from Thrifted Things. A blog all about cheap clothing and adventures with my hubs. I feel quite honored to be featured here today! I just think that Courtney is the cutest!

Since it's so hot here in Rexburg, light weight dresses are the way to go! I have not worn pants all summer. I refuse! But I'm seriously tired of summer. Bring on that fall! I'm ready for scarfs, boots, and tights.

Thanks for letting me hang out with you today! Stay fancy.

August 13, 2012

Pants: American Eagle, Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Gap, Watch: Charming Charlies

Our weekend was quiet, relaxing, and boring, and just what we needed. We took mid afternoon naps played scrabble, made banana bread, and watched two Harry Potter movies. We did do some more exciting things like have a BBQ, play some Frisbee golf, and go out to dinner. However all in all  I think it's safe to say we are turning into an old married couple. You can find as at the Golden Corral around 4 this evening drinking our prune juice and playing our scrabble if you would like to join in.

August 10, 2012

Fancy Friday with Lauren

I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I  can connect with them more. Second up is Lauren from the lovely blog Peace Love Lauren.
hello lovelies! i'm lauren of peace love lauren, where i blog about life with my handsome hubs, our baby girl on the way, and our little life in rexburg. when dear miss courtney asked if i would fill in a fancy friday for her i was a little nervous... SO not a fashion blogger! but i do love to be fancy, so we'll see how this goes! 
fancyfriday fancyfriday fancyfriday
top: thrifted | beads: thrifted | floral skirt: wet seal | bottom skirt: vintage from oma | shoes: dsw

i'm a girl that loves wearing her skirts at her waist {it's got that fifties flair, you dig?} but now that i'm six months pregnant i've noticed that my waist has sort of... disappeared. so now i'm doing that pregnant thing where i wear my skirts up by my boobs. it still feels dainty, so i love it! in an effort to make my skirts still reach my knee i've started layering them, and i love it even more. it feels very ballerina/housewife if you catch my drift. the floral skirt i've had since highschool, it was on sale at wet seal for a penny! i just die for their penny sales. the bottom skirt was a gift from my oma {grandma in german}. they work together perfectly {smile}
have a bright & shiny day! maybe stop for a visit sometime?
xo lauren

August 8, 2012

Shirt: RVCA, Pants: Abercrombie, Shoes: Toms, Glasses: Cassette

It's Ok.....

- To use husband for the blog from pictures you took from a date night a couple weeks ago because you've been too lazy to put together a new outfit.

- To pretend like you know how to pick out a nectarine touching almost every single one in hopes that one will just speak to you "pick me"

- To not recognize someone for the third time... so embarrassing!

- To watch a really terriable movie for two hours because you want to know how it finishes. 

- To hate how much they play volleyball olympics during the day. 

- If you crave sloppy joes as an adult.

- To ask for another sample of tinted moisturizer at Sephora even though you know you already like it and should probably just go ahead and buy it. 

Itching to share your It's Ok moments?  Go ahead! Tell me all about it in the comments!


August 6, 2012

Dress: Target, Cardigan: F21, Shoes: H&M, Glasses: Target, Watch: Charming Charlies, Lips: Revlon Siren. 

I have been searching for a new Maxi Dress for a good month with no luck, until I found this gem at target last week. I love it so much I might be going back to get it in the other color but that's just going to be our little secret.

Hope you're having a great Monday, the hubs got back from his business trip yesterday and has the day off so we are going to go play. Hows that for really rubbing it in on your Monday afternoon. I promise I'm nice, most of the time.....

August 3, 2012

Fancy Friday with Brandilyn

I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I  can connect with them more. First up is Brandilyn the owner of Panache and the lovely blog Cats and Cardigans.

Boots: Madewell (link); Skirt: Kosher Casual (link); Chambray: Target; Necklace: Panache

Hey there, Fancy readers!  I'm excited to hang out with you guys today.  I'm Brandilyn, a new momma and clothing boutique owner.  I blog over at Cats & Cardigans about my (very casual) personal style and my life juggling a 3 month old and a small business.

I thought I'd do an outfit inspired by Miss Courtney, and we all know that no one rocks chambray like she does!  I kept it simple with a mustard skirt (because when isn't a bit of mustard a good idea?) and a statement necklace for a date night with my husband.  It's still far too hot to wear knee-high leather boots, but they were a birthday gift from David and I'm 100% obsessed.  Fun fact: Courtney and I live in the same teeny-tiny town and we both have husbands named David who we married within a week of each other, so we're practically twins!  And twins share clothes, so I should get to go raid Courtney's fabulous closet...right? ;)

Anyways, I hope you all are having the fanciest Friday ever! Thanks for hanging out with me today!


August 2, 2012

 Pants: F21, Top: J. Crew (old) Shoes: UO, Glasses: Target.

We've spent the last few days in Salt Lake for the husbands brother sealing and it was so good to be able to see all his family. The hubs is 1 of 5, all are married and 2 of which have kids, so it is quite the group when we all get together. I wish we could have stayed longer, shopped longer, eaten really good food longer, and make ridiculously awkward jokes with the Gap manaquines longer.

But sadly we had to get back to the real world, where an apartment is waiting to be cleaned, and a kitty is demanding my attention right now by doing her most annoying trick shredding paper.