August 17, 2012

Fancy Friday with Katherine

I asked a few of the fashion bloggers in Rexburg to take over Fancy Friday for me for the month of August. I love reading blogs that take place in Rexburg, I feel like I can connect with them more. For our third Rexburg blogger we have Katherine from Thrifted Things she never ceases to amaze me with what she finds at the thrift store, I think a shopping date is in order.  
Dress: thrifted, Headband: I made it, Shoes: Idaho falls mall

Well hello there Fancy Day readers! I'm Katherine from Thrifted Things. A blog all about cheap clothing and adventures with my hubs. I feel quite honored to be featured here today! I just think that Courtney is the cutest!

Since it's so hot here in Rexburg, light weight dresses are the way to go! I have not worn pants all summer. I refuse! But I'm seriously tired of summer. Bring on that fall! I'm ready for scarfs, boots, and tights.

Thanks for letting me hang out with you today! Stay fancy.


  1. Love your dress!! Great blog! Would you want to follow each other!?


  2. So loving this dress! xo

  3. I'm tired of summer too--- it's been a super hot one, don't you think? I agree with NOT wearing pants in summer, it's the only way to go!

    and seriously, I can't get over these shoes!