October 27, 2009

Photo Journal

For my color photo class we are taking a photo a day for 14 days and write something about the photo. I thought I would share with you what I've got so far. some of these are really bad because I forget that I need to take a picture right before midnight (when its due everyday) and just start shooting things around the house. I wanted to have some really awesome pictures when the 14 days are up so I'm going to need to step it up!

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies I made for a dinner party.....I love being married it's so much fun I get to spend all my time with this guy! We've been married for almost a year and a half and people are always saying how we act like such newylweds I'm not sure if this is a compliment or not. When are you no longer considered a newlywed?

I Love Pink
We get to watch Max all weekend! I'm so excited!

The first time I saw this it was hanging in the hallway of my in-laws and I fell in love. I thought it was so beautiful and so unique from the vinyl lettering that litter's the LDS homes. My Father in law has a large collection of beautiful paintings and while visiting last May he asked me which painting I liked the most. I told him of all the art work in their house I loved the Families are Forever the most. The next morning my mother in law gave me her artwork, I don't think she knows how much that meant to me and how grateful I was for her unselfishness to part with something so beautiful.

Me and Husband haven't figured out the once a week grocery trip idea. We are at Broulim's almost every night buying something we need. I think the problem is in the list making. If there's a little bit of milk left in the fridge I don't think we need anymore and that somehow it will last as another week. However the next day we are out of milk and find ourselves back at Broulim's. We've made many a friends at Broulim's through our nightly visit's, and whenever the check out lines are really long they let us check out at customer service so we don't have to wait. A perk of being a regular.

October 20, 2009

Pumpkin patch

I wish we went to a Pumpkin Patch! Just to the local Grocer Broulim's to pick out this year's future Jack-O-Laterns. Usually we do them the day of or before Halloween which I thought was silly because the day after Halloween is Novemeber and Jack-O-Laterns are no longer appropriate as Holiday seasons go. So we did our pumpkins way early! Maybe everyone has has caught onto this idea but for us it's new!

David's Winner
My Winner!

Mine says LOVE
Of course he did the Macintosh Apple

October 18, 2009

date night in New York City!

I love my husband he plans the greatest stuff for us to do! Friday Night he planned us an amazing Date night! In New York City! (just imaginary he knows I've been really down about not living there right now)

First we went and picked up some New York Style Pizza Yum! I forgot how much I love Domino's Pizza! David had them cut it into four big slices! It was pretty funny! We of course went to Horkely's for drinks even though David completely passed it... I was like uh are we getting drinks.... Funny Story: I'm about to take a bite of this delicious looking pizza and I'm thinking about how much I LOVE PIZZA! and
David Says:
I Love you.
I say:
I Love Food!
Not the best thing to say after someones says I love you but he caught me off guard I was really focused in on that delicious piece of pizza! He knows Pizza is my all time favorite I think I would choose Pizza over anything except maybe some cookies!
We sat on the bench where we had our first date and first talked about living in New York! After we walked to the dollar theater cause that's what we'll do in New York. Walk! or take the subway but since we don't have those here we walked! and saw Harry Potter! This time I had finished the book so I could see all the things they left out and the book is SO much better! Then we went to Dairy Queen not a very New York thing to do but it's our favorite and pretty much the only good Ice Cream place in town. Maybe they will have mini DQ's in New York and then I can always have my Oreo Blizzard extra Oreo!

October 14, 2009


I miss her even if she was a terror and woke us up during the night. She kept me company while David was at work and she was my only friend in Denver. She was pregnant but then had them way too early and the kittens died the second they we're born. It was really sad I wish we could take her back but I think she's happier where she is for now I still plan on taking her back when we leave this place.

October 12, 2009

New York I Love You

I have been watching this trailer all day since David showed it to me yesterday. Lately I have been so eager to move to New York it's still two years away but I can't stop thinking about it and this trailer doesn't make it any better, and all the movies we keep watching of people living in New York doesn't help as well! I can't wait for the day when I can walk out of my fabulous apartment and look out on New York and say "Hello, I live here."
Anyways one day I will be blogging from New York until then I will watch this trailer(and all the millions of movies shot in New York) and dream.

October 10, 2009

Goodbye David......

That title sounds bad but David left for Denver Thursday morning and I had to stay behind. Originally I was going to go with him because we thought we we're going to be able to play the whole time but it turned into more of a business trip and I would have been all alone and bored all weekend so I stayed and went to my classes and studied while David partied how lame! Just joking I'm so proud of him he works for this company in Denver as an art director and they had a grand opening party for the company on Thursday night. So we went out on Wednesday night before he left.....
The sweet outfit I would have worn in Denver
Dairy Queen & Craigo's is so yummy

October 8, 2009

Merry Christmas Part 2!

After a weekend of painting it's a weekend of shopping at IKEA. I Love IKEA everything is so cheap! We had so many things in our cart I felt like a millionaire! This guy was like WOW your making the most of your IKEA trip! But it's just so cheap you can look like a millionaire and not really be one! For Example our couch was only 200! Which we had to strap to the top of our car, and all the big SUV's laughed at us. I don't care I was getting a couch and I couldn't happier.

Tying down the couch we didn't want it to fly off while driving back to Rexburg

Setting up the Couch
I love our living room I think its looks amazing! The Couch is my Favorite part and the pillows!! I love throw Pillows!

The bathroom doesn't look different in this picture but we painted it a pretty ash grey it looks really good its just really light

The Bedroom is my second favorite room plus we hardly spent any money on it the lamp and the pillow with the flowers is all we had to buy. Everything else we already had.