October 18, 2009

date night in New York City!

I love my husband he plans the greatest stuff for us to do! Friday Night he planned us an amazing Date night! In New York City! (just imaginary he knows I've been really down about not living there right now)

First we went and picked up some New York Style Pizza Yum! I forgot how much I love Domino's Pizza! David had them cut it into four big slices! It was pretty funny! We of course went to Horkely's for drinks even though David completely passed it... I was like uh are we getting drinks.... Funny Story: I'm about to take a bite of this delicious looking pizza and I'm thinking about how much I LOVE PIZZA! and
David Says:
I Love you.
I say:
I Love Food!
Not the best thing to say after someones says I love you but he caught me off guard I was really focused in on that delicious piece of pizza! He knows Pizza is my all time favorite I think I would choose Pizza over anything except maybe some cookies!
We sat on the bench where we had our first date and first talked about living in New York! After we walked to the dollar theater cause that's what we'll do in New York. Walk! or take the subway but since we don't have those here we walked! and saw Harry Potter! This time I had finished the book so I could see all the things they left out and the book is SO much better! Then we went to Dairy Queen not a very New York thing to do but it's our favorite and pretty much the only good Ice Cream place in town. Maybe they will have mini DQ's in New York and then I can always have my Oreo Blizzard extra Oreo!

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  1. Well, if they don't have DQ in New York you can get your fix for Oreo Blizzards when you come visit me! I love you guys!