October 10, 2009

Goodbye David......

That title sounds bad but David left for Denver Thursday morning and I had to stay behind. Originally I was going to go with him because we thought we we're going to be able to play the whole time but it turned into more of a business trip and I would have been all alone and bored all weekend so I stayed and went to my classes and studied while David partied how lame! Just joking I'm so proud of him he works for this company in Denver as an art director and they had a grand opening party for the company on Thursday night. So we went out on Wednesday night before he left.....
The sweet outfit I would have worn in Denver
Dairy Queen & Craigo's is so yummy

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  1. Being separated from the ones we love can be hard; sometimes it can be the hardest thing we have to do. It is like a hunger that cannot be filled or a thirst that cannot be quinched. Hard, yes but we can endure it if we are willing. When the waiting is over we come away with a little better understanding of what it is like for the ones who have no one to wait for or go home to. Your Heavenly Father is always with you and the Lord knows what you are going through. Put your trust in them and you will never be truly alone. I love you sweetheart.