April 28, 2010


I want all of these {credit}

and I want to make these tart lime cookies {credit}

April 27, 2010

Rainy days

It's raining tonight and it reminded me of a wonderful day I had awhile ago when it was also raining but I didn't have school or work and I sat around in my pj's and did crafts.
(stamps that came with my splat book for v-day)

We are into our second week of school and it's going to be a busy semester.

my favorite class so far is Book Arts which I figured would be and I was soo right, the teacher also helped pull the class into first place. She is so funny and truly inspiring her confidence in our Heavenly Father amaze's me.

and now some quotage from her because I love to quote.

note-these quotes are not exact

" My true passion is the savior Jesus Christ."
"the holy ghost is a 24/7 member of the God head."
"you guy's can do this, you are children of a heavenly father who love's you."
"i have art storage.." (talking about food storage)

pictures to come of the books I've made soon. they aren't beautiful but to have created them myself is amazing. I love when I can create something that seems so impossible to create ex: bread, anything from scratch, a knitted scarve, a painting, and of course books.

I have a new job hooray! I am a secretary in the office David work's. The first day was so much fun I wanted to work all day. The 2nd a little slow. Tomorrow is the 3rd..... I use to want to be an Executive Assistant this isn't quite the same however all in all I like it and I don't have to wear stinky clothes and cook nasty food a true blessing from my Heavenly Father!

au revoir (french is still hard)

April 20, 2010

Spring Break

We had a week break in between semester's and took that time to play!

My last day of work was on Monday and David made me an awesome Blue cake to celebrate my hard work. The job wasn't the best but I really loved the people and will miss them dearly!
Tuesday we did so much needed clean up like getting my hair done and cleaning the car and stopping on the way for some limeades.

Wednesday morning we woke up and drove to Utah for some shopping, eating, and visiting friends.
we went straight to Tony Caputo's one of our all time favorite places to eat in salt lake. They have amazing sandwhiches and pasta salad's whith a really cute market. Next time your in SLC you need to go here.
We went to the park after to stretch our leg's before heading to the mall. David got some new sperry's real one's this time and I got all new much needed make-up since most of it fell in the toilet awhile ago. (cabinet above the toilet is a bad idea)

After spending all day shopping we met up with our besties Jeremy and Ashley for dinner. They use to live in Rexburg with us but have been in Utah for the past year so it was great to see them we always have so much fun with these two! They are hilarious I love them! But great news they will be moving back to Rexburg and I'm so excited to have them back.
We stayed the night at their place (with the king size bed) and played some games and I met Ashley's cat (kitten) who Ashley love's just as much as I love Buddy haha
Kitten is great and still acts very much just like a kitty for being an adult cat
this picture makes me laugh

We drove home on Thursday and just vegged and watched a movie. The next day it was so nice out we went on a bike/longboard ride to Jimmy John's to check out what all the hype was about. They don't have anything but Mayo (nasty) to put on their sandwhiches and for someone like David who love's ranch and bar-b-que sauce this was not ok. But we ate there anyway and ate it in the park even better.

unwrap the love...
The Verdict: 1 thumbs up
it definitaly doesn't replace thundercloud or for David tub subs but it was good for Rexburg, I doubt we will go again though.
The last couple days of the break we hard core spring cleaned our whole apartment, bought books, and went on lot's of bike/longboard rides and hung out with Jeremy and Ashley some more. The weather has been so nice this past week, it's been so much fun to ride my bike all over town I hope the bad weather is gone for good! I love the sun!

April 19, 2010

1 year and nine months

Me and David have been married for one year and nine months today but who's counting......

Tomorrow we both start school the winter semester went by so quickly it feel's like it just started but it's already gone and it's my turn to go to school again. which I'm excited about but at the same time not. I've never had a very loving relationship with school more of a hating relationship but this semester should be fun because

1. I'm taking French 2!
2. I'm taking Piano!
3. I'm taking Book Arts ( you learn how to make journal's scrapbook's etc... Awesome)

but then I have to take lame classes like Botany bla and FA 100 bla Art Seminar

David's taking classes like

Creative Writing (can't wait to see what happens there)
ADVANCED graphic design
Art Seminar

pretty much taking a lot of generals this semester and we are both working.

As far as my goals for this past semester {goals} I wouldn't give myself a gold star but a silver I think I deserve

1.Read to Alma
( I was awesome at this. I got there a month ago!)
2. Read 3 new books
( I only read Alice in Wonderland which is great everyone should read it and I'm working on pride and prejudice at the moment my goal for the year is ten books so I better hurry up.)
3.Loose 5 pounds and get rewarded with the most beautiful swimsuite from J.crew or anthro.
(so did not happen but I didn't gain weight..... I'll work on that this semester)
4. Write in Journal 3 times a week
( it was more like once or twice a month I'll work on this one as well)
5. Learn how to make a new cookie really well
( i made shortbreads never tried anything more intense but the shortbreads we're amazing)
6.Decide what to do with school
( Probably my greatest accomplishment of the semester I will share later)
7. Learn to crochet
( never picked up a needle, still working on my scarf from christmas... don't judge)
8. Make new friends
( really surprised myself with this one, I mad a lot of new friend's)
9. Learn how to make good rolls
(i made some for Easter I wouldn't say they we're good but I did it)

So there we have it I didn't complete all of them but I think I accomplished the more important one's and I can always work on them this semester. I'm excited for the summer I am so ready for the warmth and all the fun activities that come with it!

April 16, 2010


I died my hair back to brown on Tuesday I've really been hating it after thinking I would really love it. It's getting better though it looked fabulous today! It was just a lot darker then before so I was having issues with the dark.This picture was taken immeditaly after I left the salon and on the lame-o snow day. More/better pictures to come.

Also I would really like a king's size bed we stayed at a friend's house in Utah and they had one and it was Heaven! I fell asleep and then magically didn't wake up until I was suppose to however they are expensive.... but wouldn't it be worth all the money to sleep a lovely night of no waking up?

April 11, 2010

25th Birthday

the big 25!

It's hard to believe this is the third Birthday I have spent with David! I really wanted his 25th birthday to be special and had all sort's of surprises planned but then I decided to just ask David what he wanted to do. Every year I pretty much tell David what is he going to do and what he is going to eat with trying to surprise him. It seems to me that the Birthday Boy should get to do whatever he wanted. So the night before I asked him exactly what he wanted to do and eat and he got everything he asked for with a few surprises on the side because what is a birthday without surprises.

I woke up early and decorated the apartment

Then I woke up David up and told him to come outside I left a trail of streamers for him to follow outside where I would be waiting with this
The long board he has been wanting since last summer. I'm so glad I was finally able to get it for him he has been wanting one so bad

For breakfast he asked for
Crepes with strawberries and Nutella
Homemade whipped cream
and of course orange juice

so good!

Off to school first trip with the long board, unfortunately David's birthday was also his last day of finals so he had a long day of school ahead.
but I surprised him at school before his last class with his balloons a vitamin which he had requested the night before and some candy. After class we went on a longboard/bike ride in the park but it was colder then we thought so we headed home.

Instead of going out to eat for his birthday he wanted me to make him my enchiladas. Weird! who doesn't want to go out to eat for their birthday? But I was flattered that he liked my enchiladas so much he would want to eat them on his birthday. So that's what we did stayed in listened to music and cooked some enchiladas
when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make him he said he would rather have my chocolate chip cookies. What a weird o Birthday Boy!
(however I do make some pretty good cookies)
David loves to go to the movie theatre, but we hardly go because there is a dollar theatre right around the corner. So we went to see Clash of the Titans and David got in for free since it was his birthday which was awesome so we could have bought popcorn there instead of sneaking it in but that wouldn't have been any fun!

Happy Birthday David! I love you!

Davids Birthday from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo.

a video of david's birthday happenings.

note: david is not a meany the door auto locks so if we to run out we would be locked out and have to either wait for someone to come or pay $20 to get a key to get back in

April 6, 2010

Conference & Easter

(love this picture david took. the light is awesome.)

Easter & Conference all at the same time! It was a great weekend! We decided this year that we wanted to actually listen to every session instead of just attending a few and then having to read the rest. I'm really looking forward to reading them again! It was a really great way to spend our weekend especially our Easter weekend. no easter basket is complete without peeps and a chocolate bunny
david got me the martha stewart cooking school book! and I LOVE it! I have been renting it from the city library since this summer as often as I can so it will be really nice to actually own it and not have to wait for recipes anymore. It's an awesome book. She shows you step by step how to do things so I don't have to guess. My favorite part is of course the desert section but I really do want to learn how to cook main dishes so I can give David a break from cooking. More post about my cooking adventures to come.
My own personal Easter egg hunt
I asked for not so much candy in my basket so instead of putting candy in the egg's david wrote me little notes which was much more meaningful
(also love this picture he took. hes better then me.)
David's turn!Sleepless in Seattle one of his favs! plus a new nail file and gummy candies
Opening the egg very carefully so that the mike and ikes don't come out.
After conference david prepared an Easter feast with Cornish game hens his amazing mashed potatoes and my favorite asparagus
& I made rolls!! Can you believe it! I was so excited to have made homemade rolls. One of my goals for the semester is to learn how to make really good rolls and I was hoping they would be really good first try but they were just ok so I will have to try again.
Craig Shipley a good friend who is leaving (tear) had a little get together that night with all of David's old friends before the mission.
The guy's

Happy Easter!