April 20, 2010

Spring Break

We had a week break in between semester's and took that time to play!

My last day of work was on Monday and David made me an awesome Blue cake to celebrate my hard work. The job wasn't the best but I really loved the people and will miss them dearly!
Tuesday we did so much needed clean up like getting my hair done and cleaning the car and stopping on the way for some limeades.

Wednesday morning we woke up and drove to Utah for some shopping, eating, and visiting friends.
we went straight to Tony Caputo's one of our all time favorite places to eat in salt lake. They have amazing sandwhiches and pasta salad's whith a really cute market. Next time your in SLC you need to go here.
We went to the park after to stretch our leg's before heading to the mall. David got some new sperry's real one's this time and I got all new much needed make-up since most of it fell in the toilet awhile ago. (cabinet above the toilet is a bad idea)

After spending all day shopping we met up with our besties Jeremy and Ashley for dinner. They use to live in Rexburg with us but have been in Utah for the past year so it was great to see them we always have so much fun with these two! They are hilarious I love them! But great news they will be moving back to Rexburg and I'm so excited to have them back.
We stayed the night at their place (with the king size bed) and played some games and I met Ashley's cat (kitten) who Ashley love's just as much as I love Buddy haha
Kitten is great and still acts very much just like a kitty for being an adult cat
this picture makes me laugh

We drove home on Thursday and just vegged and watched a movie. The next day it was so nice out we went on a bike/longboard ride to Jimmy John's to check out what all the hype was about. They don't have anything but Mayo (nasty) to put on their sandwhiches and for someone like David who love's ranch and bar-b-que sauce this was not ok. But we ate there anyway and ate it in the park even better.

unwrap the love...
The Verdict: 1 thumbs up
it definitaly doesn't replace thundercloud or for David tub subs but it was good for Rexburg, I doubt we will go again though.
The last couple days of the break we hard core spring cleaned our whole apartment, bought books, and went on lot's of bike/longboard rides and hung out with Jeremy and Ashley some more. The weather has been so nice this past week, it's been so much fun to ride my bike all over town I hope the bad weather is gone for good! I love the sun!


  1. its was so so fun! we need another vacation soon

  2. I love you two. Together you are a very bright spot in the Universe. Well, my universe anyway.

    On another note - I've tried Jimmy John's and it's ok (I don't have a problem with mayo myself) but for my taste buds it doesn't beat out Jason's Deli. But hey, bike riding in the park on a warm spring day - not even Jimmy John's can keep that from being a good time.

  3. miss you guys! (p.s....is bajio spelled wrong on the cake? just wondering...) love ya's.