April 11, 2010

25th Birthday

the big 25!

It's hard to believe this is the third Birthday I have spent with David! I really wanted his 25th birthday to be special and had all sort's of surprises planned but then I decided to just ask David what he wanted to do. Every year I pretty much tell David what is he going to do and what he is going to eat with trying to surprise him. It seems to me that the Birthday Boy should get to do whatever he wanted. So the night before I asked him exactly what he wanted to do and eat and he got everything he asked for with a few surprises on the side because what is a birthday without surprises.

I woke up early and decorated the apartment

Then I woke up David up and told him to come outside I left a trail of streamers for him to follow outside where I would be waiting with this
The long board he has been wanting since last summer. I'm so glad I was finally able to get it for him he has been wanting one so bad

For breakfast he asked for
Crepes with strawberries and Nutella
Homemade whipped cream
and of course orange juice

so good!

Off to school first trip with the long board, unfortunately David's birthday was also his last day of finals so he had a long day of school ahead.
but I surprised him at school before his last class with his balloons a vitamin which he had requested the night before and some candy. After class we went on a longboard/bike ride in the park but it was colder then we thought so we headed home.

Instead of going out to eat for his birthday he wanted me to make him my enchiladas. Weird! who doesn't want to go out to eat for their birthday? But I was flattered that he liked my enchiladas so much he would want to eat them on his birthday. So that's what we did stayed in listened to music and cooked some enchiladas
when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make him he said he would rather have my chocolate chip cookies. What a weird o Birthday Boy!
(however I do make some pretty good cookies)
David loves to go to the movie theatre, but we hardly go because there is a dollar theatre right around the corner. So we went to see Clash of the Titans and David got in for free since it was his birthday which was awesome so we could have bought popcorn there instead of sneaking it in but that wouldn't have been any fun!

Happy Birthday David! I love you!

Davids Birthday from Courtney Palmer on Vimeo.

a video of david's birthday happenings.

note: david is not a meany the door auto locks so if we to run out we would be locked out and have to either wait for someone to come or pay $20 to get a key to get back in


  1. THAT - was one cool video. Great pictures!

    Happy Birthday David. Sorry you had school stuff on your birthday but it looks like you had fun too so, all the best and hey! what a great friend you have to spend the day with, hum? I love you two.

  2. All I can say is I'm jealous of the long board and cookies...