November 29, 2009

Thanks You

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I love the Holiday season it's a lot of fun but poor thanksgiving is so over looked ya people do the turkey and the stuffing and the pies but at the same time they are putting up the Christmas lights.... LAME! I think each holiday should get the same amount of respect as the next! I feel sorry for Thanksgiving and hope it knows that I appreciate the holiday joy it brings me. With that said I can continue with this post. We went to Texas for Thanksgiving woo hoO!! I was very excited because my family is so far away and we hardly get to see them!
Me and my Daddy-O

First ever Apple Pie! The crust was pretty good it didn't taste nasty and it wasn't hard as a rock the apples not so much Martha let me down or I let her down I'm not sure who's fault it is.....Thanks mom and David P. for assisting.
Then we ate it yummy!!

Another pie haha the pumpkin is from a can but the crust is all me Sarah at the park
Clue is the game! Thanks Dad for your beautiful artwork

I already know the who where and what just waiting to win!!! However me david and christopher are tied for winnings but I did win the first game!

More like best Queso in the world!! With Tortillas so good It was so good he danced for joy

We may or may not have let buddy inside a few times to play.......

It was a great Thanksgiving and nice break from school! I wish I could visit home more often but I guess that's what makes it so special when we go!

November 16, 2009

Another Fashion Series

For my Color Photo class we had to do a Series of that interested us so of course I chose fashion. I did more then one model this time Amanda and David. It was fun to shoot David but a little more difficult I didn't know how to pose him. I usually turn to VOGUE for inspiration but since its usually only full of girl models we really had to think. I've really been thinking about doing Fashion for my BFA Project (two years from now). I really love it and hopefully one day I will be working for VOGUE and I will be the inspiration. But anyways I was thinking I could do a fashion series every semester until I graduate maybe even twice a semester now that I've got this idea and then by the time my BFA comes I will have this huge body of work to show how far I've come and what I've learned. For now I think these pictures are awesome I had so much fun doing it. Thanks Amanda and David for being such beautiful models.

November 15, 2009


Amanda turns 22 on Wednesday! Her Surprise Birthday Party was on Saturday at The Teton Bowling Ally. Happy Birthday Amanda I look forward to many more Birthday Celebrations with you!
The Birthday Girl! So Surprised!

Old Roomies
Taj, Amanda ,and Ali


November 11, 2009

Frisbee Golf

David is the King of Frisbee Golf while I am just a peasant. He's amazing I'm not. Basketball, football, or soccer you can suck at and it's still fun. Frisbee Golf is not the same way! The Intensity!
Me and David throwing the Frisbee's I'm pretty pathetic!

November 8, 2009

Laura & Derek

Just a few of Laura and Derek's Engagements more to come soon!

November 5, 2009

Je suis tres intelligent

I had the most amazing day!!
I got an A- on my French Test!!
Here's the story:
Awhile ago I decided I really wanted to learn another language. Not just learn how to say hi how are you or where is the bathroom. but be really good at it and be able to speak fluently so that I could teach my children and they be bilingual from a young age. And hopefully one day I will be an awesome photographer for VOGUE and knowing French will help get the job :) So I was really really excited about learning French and then class started and reality set in that it was going to be difficult... really really difficult. But I was still excited and optimistic that I would speak French fluently to teach my children and get that job at VOGUE. Then a month into French I really started to hate it and was asking why did I ever think I could do this. But then something amazing happened. I got an A- on our last test! I couldn't believe it I literally thought I was going to get an F but no an A-!! It was a great way to end my horrible week!So my enthusiasm is rekindled and I'm ready to take on the French Language again!

November 4, 2009

Day to dayness

I update the blog a lot with really random stuff we do so I thought I would update it with what our life is really like at the moment.

I'm in school right now and David is working for the city again, and will return to school in the winter. After the winter semester he will go to Fast-Grad which means he will be in school every semester until he graduates(2 years) poor guy. Except I probably face the same fate after the summer. School is awful this semester I'm taking 2 History classes! Why would anyone ever do that? Plus I'm taking French which I thought would be so awesome but it's extremely hard and every single day except Friday! I never get a break. My life is full of flashcards. I'm also taking a photo class which is lovely compared to all my other classes.

David is awesome he works for the city and does freelance on the side and does design work for another company out of Denver. I'm so proud of him! I've been taking a lot of family pictures for free which has been interesting..... Hopefully some engagments will come my way.

Anyways here's a bunch of random pictures
Games are expensive. the cheapest I've ever seen is 20 dollars. I wish we could buy awesome games like Cranium so that we could have people over for game nights but its just so expensive. I love Clue I play it with my dad a lot and the movie is one of my favorites! Last weekend we found Clue at DI for 2 Dollars! With ALL the pieces I was so excited.
Me and David we're both in desperate need of new computers! Mine pretty much died on me and his was just too small and way too slow! So we got new ones and I LOVE love love my computer! It's so pretty! I never thought I would own an apple or let alone a MacBook Pro! It's so wonderful! It does whatever I want and it does it fast! I don't have to go to the school anymore I can do all my photo stuff from the comfort of my home!

Life is good with a Mac.

I'm blonde! or at least blonder. Random picture of me making David dinner the night he got back from Denver but thought you could see the color really well in this picture.
David had to go to the chiropractor everyday for two weeks in a row! He was having serious back and neck problems. Then on top of that the doctor had him do these excersises every night this was one of them he had to lay like this for 10 minutes.
We've been really into making waffles I think we've had them 3 times in one week. They look like Christmas waffles
Such a cutie! He tried this on at the mall but wouldn't buy it so I went one day while he was at work and bought it for him!
I really don't like this particular restaurant in Rexburg. Winger's. I think it's super nasty. They serve popcorn before your meal comes and I love popcorn but not before i'm going to eat lunch or dinner and try as I do I can't not eat the popcorn I just have to eat it. Anyways David has been dying to try their sticky finger's so we finally went and he loved them but its going to be awhile before he gets them again. We got to watch this little guy (Max) the other weekend while our friends were out of town I LOVE him! but it reminded me of how hard it was to have a kitten you always have to be watching them and make sure they don't destroy everything you own.