November 5, 2009

Je suis tres intelligent

I had the most amazing day!!
I got an A- on my French Test!!
Here's the story:
Awhile ago I decided I really wanted to learn another language. Not just learn how to say hi how are you or where is the bathroom. but be really good at it and be able to speak fluently so that I could teach my children and they be bilingual from a young age. And hopefully one day I will be an awesome photographer for VOGUE and knowing French will help get the job :) So I was really really excited about learning French and then class started and reality set in that it was going to be difficult... really really difficult. But I was still excited and optimistic that I would speak French fluently to teach my children and get that job at VOGUE. Then a month into French I really started to hate it and was asking why did I ever think I could do this. But then something amazing happened. I got an A- on our last test! I couldn't believe it I literally thought I was going to get an F but no an A-!! It was a great way to end my horrible week!So my enthusiasm is rekindled and I'm ready to take on the French Language again!

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  1. Congradulations!! I'm really excited that you are excited about learning another language. It is not the easiest thing to do and the fact that you are in there slugging away says a lot about you. I love you so much!