November 29, 2009

Thanks You

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I love the Holiday season it's a lot of fun but poor thanksgiving is so over looked ya people do the turkey and the stuffing and the pies but at the same time they are putting up the Christmas lights.... LAME! I think each holiday should get the same amount of respect as the next! I feel sorry for Thanksgiving and hope it knows that I appreciate the holiday joy it brings me. With that said I can continue with this post. We went to Texas for Thanksgiving woo hoO!! I was very excited because my family is so far away and we hardly get to see them!
Me and my Daddy-O

First ever Apple Pie! The crust was pretty good it didn't taste nasty and it wasn't hard as a rock the apples not so much Martha let me down or I let her down I'm not sure who's fault it is.....Thanks mom and David P. for assisting.
Then we ate it yummy!!

Another pie haha the pumpkin is from a can but the crust is all me Sarah at the park
Clue is the game! Thanks Dad for your beautiful artwork

I already know the who where and what just waiting to win!!! However me david and christopher are tied for winnings but I did win the first game!

More like best Queso in the world!! With Tortillas so good It was so good he danced for joy

We may or may not have let buddy inside a few times to play.......

It was a great Thanksgiving and nice break from school! I wish I could visit home more often but I guess that's what makes it so special when we go!

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  1. I loved having you two visit for Thanksgiving. It made my holiday. I can't wait until next year!