November 16, 2009

Another Fashion Series

For my Color Photo class we had to do a Series of that interested us so of course I chose fashion. I did more then one model this time Amanda and David. It was fun to shoot David but a little more difficult I didn't know how to pose him. I usually turn to VOGUE for inspiration but since its usually only full of girl models we really had to think. I've really been thinking about doing Fashion for my BFA Project (two years from now). I really love it and hopefully one day I will be working for VOGUE and I will be the inspiration. But anyways I was thinking I could do a fashion series every semester until I graduate maybe even twice a semester now that I've got this idea and then by the time my BFA comes I will have this huge body of work to show how far I've come and what I've learned. For now I think these pictures are awesome I had so much fun doing it. Thanks Amanda and David for being such beautiful models.


  1. courtney! i love these. good job. my favorite one of you friend amanda is the 4th one of her. and my favorite one of dave is the first one of him. but they're all amazing! loves it.

  2. These are really good. I think David could model if he really wanted to. You should take more with the city as a back drop. I think you are really good at this sweatheart. I love you.