November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is David's Favorite Holiday! But sadly he was really sick all week with the Flu (not the Swine just the regular) and we couldn't celebrate Halloween the old fashioned way. So we made our own fun without dressing up and going out. We did go out for a little bit Saturday Afternoon but it wiped David out. Saturday morning when we woke up he said he was fine so I was like great lets go do something because we had been inside all week and so we went out and then around 3 he was like I don't feel so good... So we came home. I felt so bad for him that he had to be sick on Halloween!
We decorated some sugar cookies with the Sprinkles David's mom sent us.
I tried cheering David up with his favorite Candies and some Decorations Halloween Morning.
That night we went to Bajio YUM! and David made me a "Not so scary Haunted House" That was actually pretty scary to me and we watched a movie in our PJ's! One good thing about David being sick was he wore his PJ's all week, something he never EVER does! That I wish he did cause he looks so cute! He's most comfortable in his jeans which blows my minds I hate wearing jeans! Anyways it was a very fun Halloween despite David being sick!


  1. I love your blog you two. Fun Halloween! It is fun to be with eachother and do something quiet once in a while. Oh by the way I never commented on your paint job. It looks amazing!

  2. Great looking Yummies! I love Halloween. It is a great time for families and friends to do things together. Oh, and it is a funny thing sweetie that I wear jeans all the time, well, whenever I can and I seem to recall seeing you wearing jeans but I can't remember you ever telling me you hated to wear jeans. Oh well, I hope you get better soon David. I love you both.