February 24, 2009

New Camera

New Camera
Last Monday David and I went to look at the Camera I have been wanting for so long, I just figured we we're on another trip to just look and play with it but little did I know he had more then just looking in mind we actually bought it!! Chanel and David have been my Models for the past week while I figure out how to work my new camera. I'm very excited to get back to school to learn more about photography here are just a few of the better pictures I have taken!


February 19, 2009

We live in a cute little house downtown that has now been
turned into small studio apartments.
We're the only
ones that live on the bottom floor
which is nice but that
means we get to hear everyone
upstairs! I like this apartment a lot its
nice and open
and fills up with sunlight during the day. I think I will be very sad when we have to
leave it behind! Our kitchen really isn't that boring it's just hard to get a good picture of its beauty!

February 17, 2009

David got Chanel for me sometime before Halloween I loved her the moment we got her but it took David awhile to warm up to her, but now they are pretty good friends. She's pretty well behaved besides when she climbs the curtains and makes lots of noise at night. David loves to give her bathes I keep telling him that she cleans herself but he thinks shes dirty but she actually seems to enjoy them.


Valentines DAY!!

Valentines day is definitely my favorite holiday! I made David waffles and bacon for breakfast with orange juice of course our favorite! I also made him delicious valentines cookies yes I made those I didn't buy them, David said they look like I bought them at the store but no I'm just that good!!
David got me those beautiful flowers and made the Love Owl and a vase full of reasons why he loves me along with a night out on the town!!

February 9, 2009

Sundays can get really boring and we usually get tired of being inside all day . So we decided to go exploring! And found a little park in the middle of downtown! I tried to get some cool shots of David playing in the park and along the street but it can be hard with just a point and shoot