January 30, 2013

Black on Black

Shirt/Boots: Target, Leggings/Bracelets: J.Crew, Necklace: F21, Lips: MAC Russian Red.

Black on Black, You would think that I was going back to Paul Mitchell in this get up, when really this is just the best pregnancy outfit I have. It's ridiculously comfortable and when I wear it I get a lot of Oh my gosh I didn't even notice you were pregnant, as opposed to oh my you ARE pregnant! Plus I also don't look too much like a hoodlum which I feel like most of my pregnancy outfits are all about these days.

January 15, 2013


Pants: H&M Maternity, Shirt: RVCA (husbands), Boots: F21, Sweater: Nordstrom Rack, Lips: Russian Red MAC

Lately I've been having this extremely overwhelming desire to get baby's nursery totally ready to go, and a little panicky that I don't have everything he needs. The thing is I am only 28 weeks, I still have time to get his room ready and buy all the things he needs and I have always been a wait until the last possible moment to do anything kind of gal. So this must be a side effect of pregnancy. Nesting? Maybe? 

It still seems too early for that. Like I'm not that far along to be considered pregnant or to have real pains or feel the need to nest. But I do! and thankfully David is a great husband who puts up with it all and is willing to go out and buy almost his entire nursery in one trip and then spend hours helping me put it together and even more hours listening to me talk about how I want it to look when it's all done. Sigh..... Well at least I can say for once in my life I didn't procrastinate, except for that baby blanket I've been putting off....

January 11, 2013

Fancy Friday

Pants/Shirt/Shoes: F21, Cardigan: J.Crew, Belt: H&M.

It's Friday so I feel the need to title this post Fancy Friday, but there really isn't anything fancy about taking your own pictures in your living room and cutting your head off in about 90% of them. However tradition must live on so Fancy Friday it is.

I do wish you could see my boots better because I think they are just the greatest thing, even though they cut into my left baby toe a bit. The things we will do for tradition and beauty. 

Before I say have a great weekend and all that silly stuff I wanted to say thank you for your kind comments concerning Mondays post. I had thought about not even posting it all, thinking I was just being a big cry baby. But I'm so glad I did, so thanks for your kind words it means more than you know! Oh and of course have a great weekend!


January 8, 2013

Glucose Testing 1, 2,

Dress: T.J. Maxx, Sweater: Target, Belt: H&M, Shoes: Target.

First off can I just say we have Internet!! Halleluiah!! It's been down for a couple days and it's been really hard without it (first world problems big time) before I sound like a big cry baby please note that on the day online classes start my internet goes down.... oh the irony! Now on to the story that goes with the title of this post.

Yesterday was Glucose testing day. In pregnancy land that means it's time to check if you have diabetes.  Unfortunetaly before they take your blood for the test you have to drink this highly sugared drink in under 5 minutes. Think Orange flavored water doused in an obnoxious amount of sugar then to make it worse you then can't eat a thing until they draw your blood.

So imagine me 7:30 a.m. nothing in my system drinking this drink and heading out for the doctors. I'm waiting for them to come draw my blood when I get extremely dizzy and sweaty, having experienced this before I know what's going to happen next. Throwing up! But I'm too dizzy to walk myself to the bathroom so David has to escort me. Some point between the waiting room and the bathroom door I pass out hitting my chin on the bathroom door!! The next thing I remember two nurses and David are laying me down on a hospital bed.

Can we say embarassing! I wish I could have seen it all play out. A pregnant lady passing out bashing her face into the wall, falling into her husbands arms and nurses carrying her around. I mean it makes me giggle right now just thinking about it.  I was totally fine after they laid me down and drew my blood, and I never did throw up! 

January 7, 2013

Starting Fresh

Leggings: F21, Shirt: J. Crew (husbands), Sweater: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Target, Bracelet: J.Crew

When I started A Fancy Day I was full of hope and excitement as to where this blog would lead me, why else does one start a fashion blog if not for the hope of it one day "getting big"? Even if this is not the sole reason I started this blog it was definitely part of it. There have been huge successes since the start of this blog and the fact that there is a small handful of you who think I'm the slightest bit interesting is still mind blowing. But there have also been hardships and self brought sorrow since the start of this blog.

I use to love coming here everyday to blog but then after while it all became too much. I started to doubt myself, and the all the effort I as putting into blogging didn't seem worth it. I was here for the wrong reasons. So I took a break to take time to decide if I was going to even keep blogging. I hated all the self doubt that came with the knit picking I was doing over my body on a daily basis. The body that was created just for me and does the most amazing things, I was constantly finding flaw. That was not what I expected when I started this blog and was ready for a break.

But come to find out I missed blogging, I missed coming here everyday and sharing apart of myself, and writing all the silly stories. What I realized and guess I had known for awhile was that I was doing the blog for the wrong reasons. I was trying to please everyone but myself.

So this year I want to start fresh. I want to do this blog for me, maybe be a little more honest, and not worry about if my outfits are "blog worthy" as so many of us put it.  The break was good but I've missed it, but I'm back on my own terms and hopefully the blog will be better because of it.

January 4, 2013

Welcome Baby!

Get ready for a picture overload here, it may seem like a lot but really this is nothing I could post so so many more. Every detail of my baby shower was absolutely perfect these girls worked so hard to making sure everything looked great and I couldn't have asked for a better shower! Just wait you're going to die! We did my shower a couple weeks before we moved out of Rexburg, a little early on the pregnancy timeline but I'm so glad we did. It gave me the chance to see a lot of people I probably wouldn't have before moving. Plus my Mom and little sister were in town visiting that weekend so they were able to attend which was such a treat. We asked the guests to bring books instead of traditional baby shower gifts starting off his little library right with all my friends favorite childhood books.  I can't wait until he gets here and I can't actually read them to him. Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who spent long hours of crafting and prepping to make this the grand shower it was!
      The End! 

      all pictures by Kate

January 1, 2013

2 Pictures From Our New Years

These two pictures pretty much wrap up our new years eve, lounging at home with coco (shes so black you cant see her sitting on my lap) and eating treats. We've officially hit boring married couple status, we didn't even make it to midnight. The bang of the fireworks bouncing off the mountains woke us up to let us know the new year was here. We gave each other a sleepy new years kiss and dozed right back off to sleep. We obviously know how to party in style.

Happy New Year to You! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!