May 18, 2009


We went to Texas over a month ago but that's ok I can still blog about it right? I had so much fun it was so nice to see my family it had been almost a year! It was also nice to just relax and not having to worry about going to work and cleaning! Plus it was super warm which was nice not that Denver is super Cold but I love the sun!!
David at the River Walk in San Antonio eating delicious Mexican food.
Haha this picture is hilarious I was trying to kiss David all cute but my mom took the picture too late and I fell over so it looks like I'm attacking him!
(in front of the beautiful San Antonio Temple)
The Alamo
I am proud to say that I picked out this super cute swim suite for Sarah! I LOVE IT!
We we're jumping on the trampoline with Sarah and I was like "Hey let's play crack the Egg." She had no idea what I was talking about so we introduced her to the fabulous game and she FELL IN LOVE! Everyday all day she was asking David to play Crack the Egg. As you can see I would hold her and David would bounce us which was actually a lot of fun, I was even asking David to play the Crack the Egg.
Chris and David

Sarah painting my nails! (davids idea)

May 11, 2009

Congrats Craig, Jenae, and Ella

Congrats you guys!!
We're excited to meet the newest member your little family!!
Love you Guys!!
me and Dave at school playing instead of doing homework...

May 10, 2009

My Mom

Happy Mothers Day MOM!!
I am so grateful for my mom and all the wonderful things she does for me! She's such a good example to me! I love her so much!
Me and my in New York she walked around all day without complaining!
She threw me an amazing Bridal Shower when nobody else would!Us at the San Antonio templeUs, and crazy Sarah at Zilker Park. My mom always makes sure we have a wonderful time when we come to visit she plans the best stuff for us to do!Thank you Mom for helping me get to where I am today! I love you so much!!
Happy Mothers Day!


Seven Days of Birthday

I decided to celebrate David's Birthday for a whole week this year! Everyday I gave him clues to where his Birthday Presents we're, I tried to make them really easy but he was having some difficulties! It was really funny to watch him run all over the house looking for his gifts.
Davids First gift Ice Cream and Starburst (relating to our first date) Second Day, I made little posters of the reason's why I love him! Playing with his LEGOS!!
He received many more gifts like a Journal, a love note from myself, and a mixed CD! This is his amazing cake my mom helped me make while David was asleep. It was 11 and my mom was like he's probably awake waiting for you to come get because I told him not to come out until I was done decorating the kitchen. But when I went back there he was still asleep haha!! I wanted the cupcakes to look like one big cake but it wasn't really working out! My mom went to the neighbors and borrowed their fancy icing decorator thing You cant see it but it looks amazing!! We went swimming later that day but I forgot my camera :( but it was so nice to be outside in the sun and just relax!! I took him to Red Robin for his Birthday and of course he got Blue Bell Ice Cream so delicious!! Overall I would say it was a great 24th Birthday!!
Singing him Happy Birthday!