May 18, 2009


We went to Texas over a month ago but that's ok I can still blog about it right? I had so much fun it was so nice to see my family it had been almost a year! It was also nice to just relax and not having to worry about going to work and cleaning! Plus it was super warm which was nice not that Denver is super Cold but I love the sun!!
David at the River Walk in San Antonio eating delicious Mexican food.
Haha this picture is hilarious I was trying to kiss David all cute but my mom took the picture too late and I fell over so it looks like I'm attacking him!
(in front of the beautiful San Antonio Temple)
The Alamo
I am proud to say that I picked out this super cute swim suite for Sarah! I LOVE IT!
We we're jumping on the trampoline with Sarah and I was like "Hey let's play crack the Egg." She had no idea what I was talking about so we introduced her to the fabulous game and she FELL IN LOVE! Everyday all day she was asking David to play Crack the Egg. As you can see I would hold her and David would bounce us which was actually a lot of fun, I was even asking David to play the Crack the Egg.
Chris and David

Sarah painting my nails! (davids idea)


  1. I LOVE the picture of you "attacking" David! So funny. The picture of you guys playing crack the egg is cute too. Fun to see pictures of you guys! See you soon!

  2. IM SO HOME SICK!! I totally forgot you had a brother when I said to myself, duhh thats the kid I had to pick up from Austin High for courtneys mom! ah I remember now! I cant wait to come home, we should all plan a date to go back and live a day in the good ol days.