May 10, 2009

Seven Days of Birthday

I decided to celebrate David's Birthday for a whole week this year! Everyday I gave him clues to where his Birthday Presents we're, I tried to make them really easy but he was having some difficulties! It was really funny to watch him run all over the house looking for his gifts.
Davids First gift Ice Cream and Starburst (relating to our first date) Second Day, I made little posters of the reason's why I love him! Playing with his LEGOS!!
He received many more gifts like a Journal, a love note from myself, and a mixed CD! This is his amazing cake my mom helped me make while David was asleep. It was 11 and my mom was like he's probably awake waiting for you to come get because I told him not to come out until I was done decorating the kitchen. But when I went back there he was still asleep haha!! I wanted the cupcakes to look like one big cake but it wasn't really working out! My mom went to the neighbors and borrowed their fancy icing decorator thing You cant see it but it looks amazing!! We went swimming later that day but I forgot my camera :( but it was so nice to be outside in the sun and just relax!! I took him to Red Robin for his Birthday and of course he got Blue Bell Ice Cream so delicious!! Overall I would say it was a great 24th Birthday!!
Singing him Happy Birthday!

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  1. Your Husband is a real Gentleman. I couldn't ask for a better Son-in-law. It was a real pleasure to be a part of his Birthday celebration. Here is another shout out to you David - HAPPY 24th!!