September 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Me Moved! Again! But this time we're staying until we graduate because we absolutely love our new apartment! It's perfect! Everything is brand new and it has a dishwasher and carpet its just so nice we love it. And now its even nicer because we painted and actually bought some furniture! We're going to be here for two years so we wanted it to be comfortable so we asked for our Christmas money early from our parents to cover the cost's we could not afford and set a budget. We only went over $20 and got so much more then we had on our list! So there are a million pictures of the whole re-do so this blog post is just about the way the apartment looked when we moved in and then when we started painting and then I'll post another one with the finished product!

Old Apartment...

We had a hard time deciding which color to pick, they always looked so different once we got them on the wall.

Then the painting began! It took us all Friday Night, Saturday, part of Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday morning! It was worth all the trouble but I never want to paint again!
We moved our mattress into the living Saturday night so we wouldn't have to smell the paint all night and of course we made pizza and watched a movie!! Just like a real sleep over!

September 26, 2009

Splat the Cat

I LOVE cats! It's true. I didn't really discover this until a couple months ago but I do love Cats very much! Ever since we got rid of Chanel I've being wanting a Cat very bad I would like Chanel back but she loves the wild. I could bring my Cat from Texas here but she's old and that would cost a lot. So I found this book in Seattle about a black cat called Splat and fell in love its awesome! He goes to school, and has a mouse friend called semour, and rides a Red Bike! The next cat we get will be black and I his name will be Splat. Today I did find that cat he was perfect we didn't get him because we can't I'm thinking about going to Four Paws Pet Adoption right now and finding myself a black cat....... I guess I will just have to read Splat until I can get my own

September 23, 2009

Pancakes with the G-Gals

We ate pancakes and we then we tossed pancakes

A little something Extra.... I took these pictures of David the other week!! I think they turned out pretty good. I kept telling David he was an awful model because he always moves around and won't hold a face longer then a second as you can tell from the picture above. but turns out that he's a great model!


September 21, 2009

Camera Found

So I lost my camera a month ago in Hollywood Video very sad day! I loved my little Canon! The police we're unable to find it so now it calls home to someone else. Even though they don't have the charger so I wonder how that's working out for them! But I ended up getting a new camera and an even better camera! A Canon of course! 12.1 megapixel's, shoots in HD video (so awesome!), image stabilizer, face finder, and much more. Plus it's Gold! I love it! I'm so grateful to my Dad for making this all possible!
I Love my Camera!! First Pictures taken with the new camera!

Sunday Bike Ride

David's bike is broken so it's just been sitting in the storage unit. We figured out a way for us to both ride my bike at the same time and sometimes its pretty funny but can get uncomfortable. So our good friends gave us a bike for free! (Thanks Tori and Amy!) Sunday we went a much needed bike ride and picnice with the new bike!It was very very sunny!

David's new Bike on the right mine on the left
David's feelings towards the merry go round
(spinny things make him sick)
My Feelings

Pure Joy

September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad! I Love you!!

It was my Dads Birthday on Saturday and I sent him some German Chocolate cupcakes with a beautiful handmade card. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday dad! I wish I could have been there to sing you happy birthday and Celebrate with you! I love you more then the whole world! Thanks for being such an amazing Dad!

Yummy Cupcakes!!


September 3, 2009


One of David's friends from his mission got sealed to her husband two weeks ago in Logan, Utah. She only had her son taking some pictures so of course I offered to document the occasion because I LOVE weddings.