September 26, 2009

Splat the Cat

I LOVE cats! It's true. I didn't really discover this until a couple months ago but I do love Cats very much! Ever since we got rid of Chanel I've being wanting a Cat very bad I would like Chanel back but she loves the wild. I could bring my Cat from Texas here but she's old and that would cost a lot. So I found this book in Seattle about a black cat called Splat and fell in love its awesome! He goes to school, and has a mouse friend called semour, and rides a Red Bike! The next cat we get will be black and I his name will be Splat. Today I did find that cat he was perfect we didn't get him because we can't I'm thinking about going to Four Paws Pet Adoption right now and finding myself a black cat....... I guess I will just have to read Splat until I can get my own


  1. You could always come get Buddy. Buddy would just love to move to Rexburg. Buddy would love to move anywhere for that matter but just being with Courtney would make anywhere special. Buddy may not be black like Splat but Buddy is a Cat that knows it is loved. Buddy is special because Buddy is Courtney's cat and loves Courtney more than any other living thing on Earth except maybe Buddy.

  2. haha! Its true she just might love herself more then me that's a cat though. Only something a true cat lover could understand.