September 21, 2009

Camera Found

So I lost my camera a month ago in Hollywood Video very sad day! I loved my little Canon! The police we're unable to find it so now it calls home to someone else. Even though they don't have the charger so I wonder how that's working out for them! But I ended up getting a new camera and an even better camera! A Canon of course! 12.1 megapixel's, shoots in HD video (so awesome!), image stabilizer, face finder, and much more. Plus it's Gold! I love it! I'm so grateful to my Dad for making this all possible!
I Love my Camera!! First Pictures taken with the new camera!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE That Camera!!! Pictures so beautiful you have to ask yourself "is it the model or is it the camera?! - you decide."

    I may be a little prejudice but, for my vote it is going to be the model of course, but still LOVE That Camera!!!