September 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Me Moved! Again! But this time we're staying until we graduate because we absolutely love our new apartment! It's perfect! Everything is brand new and it has a dishwasher and carpet its just so nice we love it. And now its even nicer because we painted and actually bought some furniture! We're going to be here for two years so we wanted it to be comfortable so we asked for our Christmas money early from our parents to cover the cost's we could not afford and set a budget. We only went over $20 and got so much more then we had on our list! So there are a million pictures of the whole re-do so this blog post is just about the way the apartment looked when we moved in and then when we started painting and then I'll post another one with the finished product!

Old Apartment...

We had a hard time deciding which color to pick, they always looked so different once we got them on the wall.

Then the painting began! It took us all Friday Night, Saturday, part of Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday morning! It was worth all the trouble but I never want to paint again!
We moved our mattress into the living Saturday night so we wouldn't have to smell the paint all night and of course we made pizza and watched a movie!! Just like a real sleep over!

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  1. I like the new color scheme. You both did a good job transforming ordinary into extraodinary. A little bit like yourselves!