October 1, 2009

Here Comes Fall!

I know Fall Officially started awhile ago. but for me it started today! David really loves the fall and has got me all excited about it I usually don't care too much for the fall since in Texas it doesn't really exist. Our trees don't change color and the leaves don't fall on the ground. Ok well they might fall on the ground but it's the not same if there not pretty. and I'm pretty sure it's still way hot there right now. but anyways this year I'm rather excited for fall even though summer will also be my number one. So yesterday brought the rain and the cold of fall and now its really chilly outside. I had to go ALL the way into the back of my closet to find a coat! It's the good chilly though the fresh chilly where you feel clean and new! So Welcome Fall I hope you last all the way until Summer comes and skip right over the snow!My J.Crew rain boots (only $12) they are great! Davids cold face
David picked me up from class and these we're waiting for me!


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  1. Fall has always been one of my favorites too.
    So, yes, there is an autumn in Texas; you just won't see in all parts of the state at the same time. Remember Texas is the size of most countries and varies in climate and elevation from sea level to 10,000 ft. Here in Austin it can be a little balmy the early part of October but the low now is in the 60's and if you look close you can see it in the trees by early November which will last until the early part of December when the temperature finaly starts to drop into the 40's. You see, by December there is nothing to stop the north wind from blowing out of Canada all the way into Mexico. So, in some ways Texas has the longest Fall and for Fall lovers that can be pretty cool place to be. :)