October 8, 2009

Merry Christmas Part 2!

After a weekend of painting it's a weekend of shopping at IKEA. I Love IKEA everything is so cheap! We had so many things in our cart I felt like a millionaire! This guy was like WOW your making the most of your IKEA trip! But it's just so cheap you can look like a millionaire and not really be one! For Example our couch was only 200! Which we had to strap to the top of our car, and all the big SUV's laughed at us. I don't care I was getting a couch and I couldn't happier.

Tying down the couch we didn't want it to fly off while driving back to Rexburg

Setting up the Couch
I love our living room I think its looks amazing! The Couch is my Favorite part and the pillows!! I love throw Pillows!

The bathroom doesn't look different in this picture but we painted it a pretty ash grey it looks really good its just really light

The Bedroom is my second favorite room plus we hardly spent any money on it the lamp and the pillow with the flowers is all we had to buy. Everything else we already had.

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  1. Your apartment looks great! I love the framed artwork; it goes well with the furniture. I hope you're happy. You should be it looks great! Oh, I said that already but, what can I say - It looks great!!