July 29, 2011

Fancy Friday

Sorry I've been M.I.A. This week you guys I've been super busy trying to get ready for Beacon 
 this weekend. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend.
Promise to have some fantastic outfits for you next week to make up for
My lameness. Happy Fancy Friday!


July 26, 2011

i love.... tuesdays

1. Sunday's in the park. 
2. The new J. Crew catalog with all their pretty fall item's.
3. Harry Potter in 3D. For my first 3D movie I really enjoyed it. 
4. The funny places Coco chooses to hang out. 
5. Long bike rides with friends.
6. When Coco does Pilates with me.
7. and when David does Pilates in his sleep.

July 25, 2011

Funday Monday

Top: Gap, Shoes/Belt: H&M, Necklace: Downeast, Skirt: Mila in Rexburg. 

Today is going to be a great day, David is done with school,  and I have off. We plan to go swimming, eat some yummy food, and go see Harry Potter again but this time in 3D.  And it's suppose to be the hottest day of the week, which is perfect for our swimming adventure.

To all the Rexburg ladies you have to to check out Mila. It's a new fashion exchange store in Rexburg. I took all my old clothes there and got a lot of money in store credit, which means I basically got that skirt for free. So now whenever I feel like something new I can just hop on over to Mila's and hopefully find a little treasure that someone else didn't want.

Have a Fancy Monday!

July 22, 2011

Fancy Friday

Jacket: Macy's, Leggings: J. Crew, Tank: Urban outfitters, Shoes: Gap, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelets: Charming Charlies

Here's to a more a casual Fancy Friday, may your Friday be ever more relaxed than usual. 

On another note just guess how much those beautiful gold city flats cost me? A whopping $4.23! originally priced at $40. Thank you Gap for loving your customers enough to mark down your clothing to ridiculous low price's.

Also J. Crew is giving us free shipping and 40% off sale right now with the promo code loveit. They just got some new arrivals for Fall. I love the transition from season to season in the fashion world, always an exciting time. Especially fall. 

Have a Fancy casual Friday!
(photo's by Josh)

July 21, 2011

Tweet Me!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Rugby, Pants: Abercrombie, Shoes: Converse.

You guessed it A Fancy Day is now on twitter
Come follow me there for more fashion fun! Do I sound like an advertisement? Excellent! Also if you didn't notice on the right side bar I've listed my e-mail, so you also contact me there if you like! 

Hope you have A Fancy Day!

July 20, 2011

Holy Hot

 Dress/Cardigan: Anthropologie, Necklace: Downeast, Bracelets: Forever 21, Lips: MAC's Lady Danger

I found this dress on sale at Anthropologie for half off it's original price. Always check the sale's at Anthro before looking around, they have some really good stuff. I got my Anthro apron on sale for $8!

It has been so wonderfully hot here. Not so wonderful in our apartment with no A/C. It was ridiculous on Sunday, me and Dave were both dragging. The heat was kicking our butt's, so we went outside to take some pic's and it was so much cooler outside than in our apartment. Weird how that works out. Also it was really sunny so I was squinting. Bad. I am so glad it's been so warm though, even if it does mean being a little miserable at home. I feel like Rexburg never get's Hot enough to go jump in the water, can't wait to go swimming this weekend!


July 19, 2011

3 Years

3 years ago today we became us, and I've never been happier.

I love you, your my everything, my best friend, and the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary!

July 18, 2011

The Weekend

Sometimes on the weekends I take absolutely no pictures or half of them are crazy blurry. I never fail to take pictures of what we ate though. Maybe I should turn the weekend post into what we ate post. Speaking of how much we eat funny story. We love Costa Vida, like 2 times a week love. I know, I know stop judging.  I'm actually getting way sick of it we go too often. So naturally we have made friends with the Costa Vida employees. While there on Friday night one such friend say's

"How do you stay so skinny you guys eat here like everyday!"

GOSH!! I know it's true but do you have to say it out loud.... I was hoping they wouldn't notice how frequently we ate dinner there.

Me " o hahahaha we are not that skinny! I guess we just eat healthy when we don't eat here."

David " pushes out his little stomach to prove to her."

That's when it started to get really awkward. 

I think she was seriously perplexed by our awesome bodes. But really if your going to eat out 3 itmes a week you should do it at Costa Vida, it's a pretty healthy place. Unless you get the queso which sometimes we do....

Let's talk about HP7 and how it was everything I was hoping it would be and more.  I'm not good at expressing myself in words, but at one point in the movie I was deeply touched and almost broke out in tears. (if you know me at all, you are not surprised) Also this girls post on HP almost brought me to tear's as well. I hope to write this well one day.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, yes we had Ice Cream twice. It's really hot in our apartment, I mean really too hot! We needed it! Goal for next weekend, take pictures of people not food!


Pants: Forever 21, Blouse/Belt: H&M, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Macy's, Purse: Gap.

Hooray it's Monday,!
Monday is technically my Saturday, but it never feel's that way since David has school. However that is all about to change. This Monday marks the last week of school for the summer semester, the last week of his second to last semester, and we start the beginning of the end. Also David has a long 7 week break before he starts again in the fall. So we have 7 Monday's free to do whatever we like. Camping, swimming, bike riding, and more swimming! Good luck to all this with finals this week. Have yourself a Fancy Monday!

July 15, 2011

Fancy Friday

Blouse/Belt: H&M, Pants/Cardigan/Necklace: Forever 2, Shoes: Payless, Lipstick: Revlon Lipstain

Harry Potter tonight at 9:30! Most Excited! 
I tried re-reading #7 before tonight, but I hardly got half way it's quite lengthy. As far as the rest of the weekend we have no plans yet, It's finals for David so that means no fun for me. But next week we will celebrate in high fashion I tell you! 

Thanks innov8 for taking my Fancy pics! If you guy's haven't heard Josh is having a little model mixer at the end of this month. Want to be a model for one of his awesome photo shoot's you should go to this event. Check out this video, it has a little of David's shoot from last week. 

Happy Fancy Friday! 

July 14, 2011

Veggie Tacos

Vegetarian Day 18. 

I am no cook, I actually hate it. So it is a very rare occasion, that I decided to create my own recipe. I think David was completely taken back when I came home and showed him my little recipe and said that I wanted to cook it. However we all know that he was the one who ended up cooking.... sigh, maybe next time, sorry sweetie! It is a really easy recipe though, that involves absolutely no cooking, just heating and chopping. I will probably make it when David is out of town sometime. 

Veggie Tacos

Organic Pinto Beans
White Rice
Sour Cream
Corn tortillas 

1. Cook rice and beans
2. Chop lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado
3. Heat tortillas on a skillet
4. Put all ingredients in taco and Enjoy!

Want another easy recipe that involves no cooking, check out the burrito bowl.

July 13, 2011

Double Duty

Blouse: Gap, Shoes/Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Forever 21

Does the top of this ensemble look familiar? If it doesn't bravo to me, I'm a repeat offender and no one noticed! But since I've already told I will tell you I wore it the other week for this Fancy Friday. We went out to lunch with David's mother dearest on Monday before she left and it was o so hot, I wanted to wear something light and breezy. So I paired top ensemble with new bottom and created a new outfit. Mix and Match my friend's it's great! I would suggest tucking in the sides a little more, they were a little loosy goosy by the time we took the picture haha. Hope everyone has a Fancy Day! 


July 12, 2011

i love.... tuesdays.

1. A homemade fresh fruit smoothie.
2. Getting ready in a newly cleaned bathroom.
3. Going to Rexburg's new water park with husband.
4.  And then when husband takes me for pizza after. 
5. A sleeping snuggly kitty.